Dept. of EEE - Infrastructure

Department Library
The department library has a collection of books and many subscribed technical magazines. Students and the faculty make immense use of the same. Additional books and technical journals are also being added frequently.

Relay and High Voltage Testing Laboratory
70 KV AC, 100 KV DC, Transformer Oil Testing, Fuse Characteristics, Electrode Field Mapping, Complete Protection scheme including Numeric Distance relay, Motor protection relay (SPAM 150C), over current relay (ICM21P) and over voltage protection relay (READK), ABB Universal relay testing kits TURE and TURH.

Power System Simulation Lab
This lab is to learn how to simulation different kinds of disturbances in the power system using MATLAB and Mi-Power software and these results will help to analyze the power system stability.

DC Machines, AC Machines and Transformers Laboratories
This lab contains the full range of AC and DC machines, with all necessary meters. The lab caters to conventional experiments that form the core of the EEE course.

Circuit Simulation & Electrical Measurements Lab
This lab deals with various Electrical measurements and measuring equipment and its applications. Simulation of various electric circuits is also conducted in this lab. 

Analog and Electronic Circuits Lab
To learn analog and digital circuits; enhances learning of circuits like clipper, clamper, flip flops etc. by practical use & simulation.

Micro Controller Lab
This lab contains number of systems equipped with KIEL µVISION 3 and MSP430FG4618 software’s using which different programming exercises are performed. Interface programs such as DC motor, Stepper motor, ADC, DAC, LCD, Hex Keypad and Elevator interfaces are also conducted.

Control Systems Lab
This lab is to learn the effect of various controllers (P, PI, PID), to simulate and analyze performance of various control systems using MATLAB.

Power Electronics Lab
This lab is equipped with well designed power electronics cards, and storage oscilloscopes. Well designed platforms are available for experimental work to learn the electrical characteristics of various power semiconductor devices and to study the performance of various converters.