Kannada Rajyotsava

Nov 4, 2015

 1:00pm - 4:00pm

 Dhwani, CMRIT Auditorium

Event Type: Student Clubs & Associations

Open to: All

Contact person: Manohar S Ph:7259871488 Bindu Chandrappa Ph:7829827028

Kannada Rajyotsava

On  November 1st  in 1956 all the kannada language speaking regions of south India were merged to form the state of Karnataka. This day is celebrated as “Kannada Rajyotsava” throughout Karnataka during the entire month of November. The “SAMSKRUTHI” Kannada club of CMRIT is hosting Kannada Rajyotsava on 4th November 2015 . It is mainly celebrated to create awareness about Kannada language, to infuse a sense of belongingness , rekindle the spirit of “Kannada’s Pride”.

About the Speakers

NADOJA K P RAO (Kinnikambla Padmanabha Rao)

Kinnikambla Padmanabha Rao, better known as K P Roa is the one who first developed Kannada software and Kannada fonts. Phonetic keyboard in Indian Languages Software’s is dedicated to his name with K P Rao Keyboard. He is a unique composition of academics and industry, which undoubtedly has been of immense help in bringing out path breaking researches. Professor Dr K P Rao bagged Karnataka Rajyotsava award for his research in science and technology.

K P Rao developed free Kannada software that was the basis for other software such as Nudi and Baraha. He also adapted the English QWERTY keyboard so that it could be used by Kannada and other Indian language scripts.

The very popular layout that Nudi software uses for input is K P Rao’s phonetic layout for Kannada. Professor K P Rao had worked on similar phonetic layouts for other languages as well. K P Rao is the author of Sediyapu, probably the first ever popular software with Kannada on the computing scene. It became popularly known as KGP Layout or Nudi Layout since KGP adapted it.

The government of Karnataka took the initiative in standardizing Kannada on computers and notified the standard font for Kannada and a keyboard layout in 2001. This layout is nothing but a slightly modified layout of K P Rao’s. Gokhas also released a free software by name Nudi adhering to the standards.

The prestigious ‘Nadoja’ (teacher of the State), which is equivalent of the honorary Doctor of Letters degree, was conferred on K P Rao for his contributions towards the development of Kannada keyboard and developing a software to use Kannada language on computers.

He has worked in BARC, TATA Press, Monotype Ltd, Manipal University and IIT Gowhati. He has 3 technical book publications and numerous journal articles.


Gangavathi Pranesh, is a great orator and a Kannada stand-up comedian also called Gangavathi Beechi and Junior Beechi. He is specializes in giving humour talks and lectures in kannada. He has been invited to countries such as USA, Australia, Dubai to give lectures on humour.

Gangavathi Pranesh, along with other artists, started giving humour talks, which are came to be known as Hasya Utsava or humour festival in Karnataka. He is recognised as a standup comedian by the Hindu newspaper in Karnataka and is invited to several functions all over the state as a chief guest. The lectures aimed to make spectators laugh are also called as Hasya Mela & Gangavathi Pranesh and other personalities regularly take part in such gatherings as prime speakers. Most of his work is creative and is inspired by Beechi.