The Career Guidance and Placement Bureau plays a pivotal role in preparing students for future careers and life after college.


We offer a variety of student-centric services that complement classroom learning to prepare students for careers in industry, entrepreneurship, research or further study.

Set up in the year 2000, the Career Guidance and Placement Bureau functions across all academic departments and offers placement assistance.


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Our Vision

Career Guidance and Placement Bureau serves students and external organizations in line with the goals of CMR Group of Institutions to foster centers of excellence in training, research and consultancy.

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Career Guidance and Placement Bureau

CMR Institute of Technology’s academic dinstiction is echoed in its students’ consummate record in placements in the corporate and engineering sectors. CMRIT has consistently maintained an admirable recruitment record. The graduates and post- graduates of CMRIT have been recruited by some of the industry’s top corporations, besides leading Indian companies.
The sheer miscellany of the Indian economy and society, whose different hues are represented among the students and faculty, prepares the students to work in the global multicultural business firms and industries.
The Career Guidance and Placement Bureau at CMRIT plays a pivotal role in preparing students their personal and professional life college. Set up in 2000, the Career Guidance and Placement Bureau functions across all academic departments and offers placement assistance.
We put forward a variety of student-centric services as a single window point for career counselling and development in the engineering & technology fields which complement classroom learning and prepare students for careers in industry, entrepreneurship, research or further study.
We work personally with our industry cohorts to apprise ourselves of their project requirements, needs and expectations for the campus hiring process, and then pore over to find students who best match the requirements of the placement opportunities through on/off campus hiring, internships or projects.
The Entrepreneurship Development Cell proffers programmes and platforms for those students who are involved in entrepreneurship. The Maker Space at CMRIT acts as a facilitator for students by helping uncover their hidden potential. It is a dedicated space for students and staff, where prospects explore new technologies and fresh methodologies, ensuring their growth into proficient thinkers, makers and innovators of current times. The Maker Space also lends a hand to students with coaching and access to external partners and alumni.
The Centre of Excellence offers students a way in to the on-campus Centre of Excellence (CoE), shaped through CMRIT’s industry affiliation. Through these centres, students can complete projects through the use of the most recent technologies. The CMRIT faculty is qualified in these areas, and support student initiatives through project mentorship and direction.
CMRIT is also engaged with the CMR Life Skills Institute that recommends a number of training programmes for progression of soft skills such as communication and presentation ability, email and business etiquette, body language improvement, teamwork and other enrichment methods.

The Career Guidance & Placement Bureau organises many activities and events right through the year. These endeavours target students and help them find and plan career placements.
Some of these activities include:
• “PREPARE” – for pre-final year students across all streams in undergraduate programmes. This particular initiative is valuable groundwork in the placement process.
• Technical training from external and internal faculty to bridge the gap for corporate-readiness
• Orientation programmes for students delivered by industry associates
• Soft skills training focused on interview preparedness, presentation and communication skills
• Guest lecture series from industry experts from the recruiting companies.
• Talks by alumni who represent the companies participating in the placement drives.

For students interested in continuing their education through Post Graduation, Doctoral and Research programmes:-

• We act as a liaison to help bring students in touch with faculty from the academic departments for guidance.
• We connect students with research opportunities through the Research Department
• We help students get in touch with our alumni who are pursuing higher studies abroad, for guidance on the application processes, information and admissions requirements

Irrespective of the professional preferences, whether pursuing further studies, finding a corporate position or becoming an entrepreneur, we make it possible for students to appreciate their potential, goals, interests, and career preferences so that they may take the corresponding appropriate steps to advance their personal and professional goals.

Here at CMRIT, we understand that each student is unique and has different aspirations. The Career Guidance and Placements Bureau at CMRIT endeavours to support each and every student’s individual journey. With a remarkable 709 offer letters this year, we continue our progress so that we can help enhance the lives of the thousands of graduates who seek to accomplish their calling.