Student Clubs & Associations

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Music Club: Aarohan

The Music Club conducts musical workshops and performances in order to enlighten musicians and singers alike, with knowledge in all streams of music.

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Art Club: Tarang

The Art Club promotes good art by giving each and every student willing to participate an equal opportunity. We want to establish an art base campus for all the art enthusiasts.

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Dance Club: Kiniseis

The Dance Club aims at instilling a sense of positivity in our lives and imbuing many through the art of dance.

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Literary Club: Minerva

The Literary Club promotes the art of reading and writing through an open forum.

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Photography Club: Iris

The Photography Club provides accessible opportunities and platforms to photography enthusiasts.

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Tech Club: Swat

The Tech Club plans, develops and designs learning opportunities based around technology.

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Theatre Club: Take A Bow (TAB)

The Theatre Club performs street plays, skits and mime in order to spread awareness about the need of the day, new technology, development, etc.

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Media Club: Media Crews

The Media Club is responsible for publicity of any event happening in and around college.

Kannada Sangha: Samskruti

The Kannada Sangha creates awareness about Kannada language and also to infuse a sense of belongingness and rekindle the spirit of “Kannada’s pride”

Fitness Club: Kratos

The Fitness Club promotes self-defence, mental and physical fitness.

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Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME)

The SME creates research awareness among UG and PG students.