Art Club: Tarang


Our club aims to promote good art all over the campus giving each and every student willing to participate equal opportunity. We want to establish an art base campus for all the art enthusiasts.


  • The Art club aims at promoting inspirational art throughout CMRIT, thereby giving all students equal opportunities to contribute to the college through their artistic talents.
  • —Meetings will be held once in two weeks in order to plan out the teams schedule and agendas.
  • —Wanting the college to feel the presence of art, the art club would like to choose themes for every month and put up posters and banners corresponding to the theme all over the campus.
  • —Competitions will be held for all art enthusiastic students.—
  • Many interested students from within the club are putting their best foot forward to teach the under-privileged children, art skills.
  • —We aim at raising the bar of art in CMRIT and let the creativity of art unfold with time.

Meeting Information: Day D4 | Location – Banquet Hall | Time – After College

Planned Events

Sketching/Painting – We welcome everyone to showcase and portray their talents. This competition is open to everyone and there are no restrictions! So get your paints and pencils ready and let your imagination do the talking!

Collage – This competition is for the creative ones! Come and let loose your imagination corresponding to a particular theme and have a blast!

Poster Designing (Photoshop) – Digital art is the new upcoming form of art! So this competition is for all you photoshop maniacs and all digital artists.

Comic Con (Cartoon Day) – Come be a part of CMR’s own comic con! We hope to see you all come in your favorite cartoon character T-shirts that will be put up for sale (designed by the art club). Not only is this fun for us but also we proudly can say that all the profits go in favor of the under priviledged!

Audience: Open to students, alumni, faculty etc.


Shreyash Sharma

Nisarga Kashyap

Sonita Bose

Other Office Bearers:
Kunal | Nidhi | Priyanka Das | Ramya


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