Dance Club: Silver Stepperz




  • The Dance Club aims at instilling a sense of positivity in our lives and imbuing many through the art of dance.
  • To form the official Dance teams of CMRIT that will represent the club and college at various cultural activities.
  • We are looking forward to practice dance forms, never been introduced before in CMRIT.
  • In order to bring out the best in all individual dancers , the Dance Club would like to organize “Dance Day” , a dance fest with various dance competitions and activities , fun-filled, entertaining and more.
  • The Dance Club looks forward to perform in CMRIT for various auspicious occasions.
  • The Dance Club shall select dancers who are interested in imparting knowledge  in the field of dance to the under privileged children.
  • The Dance Club shall make use of every opportunity coming their way to raise the level of dance in CMR Institute of Technology.
  • We would like to organize dance workshops which will be conducted by  professional dancers.

Meeting Information: Every Day 4 and Day 1 for committee members.

Planned Events

Dance Day – A day, solely dedicated to dance events, that aims at bringing out the hidden talent amongst all budding dancers at CMRIT.

The programme  comprises of events like, switch foot, solo dance, group dance and duet. The events tests the impromptu dance skills of the contestants, creativity of steps, coordination amongst dancers and chemistry between the duos respectively for the events mentioned above. Open to all students and faculty.

Face off with Beats – A competition solely  dedicated to a face off competition of various genres of Dance. The face off can be between classical or freestyle dancers. Open to all students and faculty.


Keerthi Gopalakrishnan



Other Office Bearers:
Nisarg, Event Manager
Navya, Event Manager
Abhijeet, Event Manager


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