1st year BE classes will begin on 07/08/2017 @ 8:00 a.m.

The orientation for 1st year students and parents will be notified subsequently.

Kannada Sangha: Samskruti

Kannada Sangha: Samskruti

  • To celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava
  • To create awareness about Kannada language and also to infuse a sense of belongingness and rekindle the spirit of “Kannada’s pride”
  • To improve communication skills and empower linguistic and cultural relations among both Kannada and non-Kannada speaking people
  • Promoting holistic skills to enhance student potential
  • To teach the interested non Kannadigas the state language

Meeting Information: Every Day 4 for committee members | After 12.50 | Old Cdx
(Time and place are subjected to change and will be decided as per convenience and the members will be intimated about it.)


Kannada Rajyotsava –Kannada Habba
October 31st (subject to change) | 12:00 noon | Day 4 | Dwani (auditorium)
Open to all students, alumni and faculty.

Kannada Dindima (Literary Activities)
Monthly competitions will be conducted under this programme. These competitions will be open to everyone. Students can showcase their talents by participating in it. It will include a variety of competitions such as debates,seminars,essaywritings,poetry writings etc.

Day 4 | After 12.50 pm | Venue: Students will be intimated about it
Open to all students,alumni and faculty.

Pradeep Kumar S Badaga


Sathyamanikanta B.K.

Other Office Bearers:
Shreyas M
Yashwanth D N
Syed Abrar Hussaini