Literary Club: Minerva


  • To conduct a minimum of three competitions that put one’s reading, writing and speaking skills to the test.
  • To promote reading and writing through an open forum.
  • To keep the club visibly active throughout the semester.
  • To collect customize comics/story books once a month as a gift to under-privileged children.
  • To collectively organize simple and suitable activities for children at a NGO.
  • Looking forward to represent CMRIT at various college events in the LIT field and bringing laurels to the college through the same.

Meeting Information: Every Day 4 for committee members | Monthly gathering of the reader’s forum.

Planned Events

Get Lit – To bring together readers and writers through a forum called “Cover to cover” thereby strengthening to the literary culture of CMR.

Battle-lit-out (may change) – Monthly competitions conducted under the programme covering areas of writing, comprehensive reading and speaking along with involvement of literary puzzles.


Tulsi M.R.

Shravya Gollapudi

Karan Acharya

Other Office Bearers:
Shashank Menon, Talent Manager
Shruti, Online Information Manager
Manasa, Online Information Manager
Priyanka, Historian


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