Photography Club: Iris

Iris Photography Club

  • To provide accessible opportunities and platforms to photography enthusiasts.
  • To ensure effective delivery of technical and practical knowledge pertaining to the art.
  • Cover the various events and fests conducted by the institution.
  • Regularly organize relevant competitions and exhibitions to tap hidden potential.

Meeting Information: Every Day 4

Planned Events

Photography Competition – To showcase photographs clicked by participants that portray different themes or social issues.

Photography Competition – A competition that allows everyone with a passion and liking towards Photography to participate.

Photo Walk – A photography expedition to click photographs and learn about the art of photography. To inculcate practical knowledge about the art.


Shruthi Suresh


Shreyank H.S

Other Office Bearers:
Johann Nishant, Vice President
Sharanya Gangadharan, Member
Arathi Ramachandran, Member
Nithya Nathan, Member
Vivek Vivian, Member
Adhityan, Historian


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