Take A Bow (TAB)

  • Introduction of each group in the theatre club by its heads and sharing their views and experiences with the juniors and others to encourage their hidden talent of acting.
  • Auditions for juniors to get into different teams of the theatre club,.
  • Theatre club would like to perform street plays, skits, mime in order to spread awareness about the need of the day, new technology, development, etc.
  • The Theatre Club will play an active role to mark and celebrate all national festivals by performing for the same.
  • On the eve of children’s day, the Theatre Club will entertain the special children at Spastics Society of India and spend the day with them.
  • Regular meetings will be held.

Meeting Information: Theater club heads meeting will be held once a month on the first Saturday of every month, to plan the up coming events. And the entire theater team will meet up twice a month to discuss about the events coming up, teams growth and individual growth to improve their performance.

Planned Events

Theater Day
Event Name: Trippy Tricks – One day fest conducted in the college which has exclusively Skit, Street Play and Improve completion open for all the students. Open to students and teachers.

September 18, 2014 | Thursday (D4) | Dwani (Auditorium)

Independence Day
Event Name: 26/11 – Theater club will play a mime based on 26/11 terror attack as a tribute to our great Matrious. Open to students and teachers.

August 14, 2014 | After college hours | Dwani (Auditorium)


V.S.Kapil Sastry

Ajay Sheelavant

Vivek Ramchandran
Sneha C Vijay

Other Office Bearers:
Street Guru’s:
Dashrath Kumar & Amogh George

Creative Heads:
Sarangh E.R & Shreyas Acharya

Techno Bro’s:
Karan Acharya & Jeswin Daniel

Master Mind’s:
Darshan Vijay & Kevin Philp James


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