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MBA | Master of Business Administration

Course Overview

“Empowering Innovation & leadership by fostering a learning ambience.”


The MBA programme started in the year 2002. The department is a recognized research centre by VTU. MBA is a two year course, divided in to four semesters with a sanctioned intake of 120 students. Department of Management Studies & Research Centre, offers a rigorous and intensive Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) aided by an eclectic mix of academic and industry Professionals. Students can pursue a choice of specializations.

The program triggers the learner’s capability to conceive innovative business solutions in a collaborative environment with a practical intensive program.

The program offers dual specializations programs in the following


Dual specializations:

  • Marketing & Finance
  • Marketing & Human Resources
  • Finance & Human Resource

Features of MBA Programs

  • SPSS Training for competency building
  • Projects based on Prowess
  • Regular Guest lectures & Workshops
  • Business Simulation Centre
  • Flipped classroom teaching
  • Gallery type lecture Hall/ GD room, etc, with LCD, OHP, Fully air-conditioned AV rooms.
  • Numerous Student-centric Initiatives
  • Industry focused students’ projects
  • Hostel facilities for both boys and girls

Advantages of Dual Specialization

  1. As the market opens up, various industry requires candidates with strong multitasking abilities. There’s a massive demand for candidates who can fit into diversified roles with adequate efficiency. And an MBA degree with dual specialisation solves this demand-supply gap.
  2. Dual specialisation means more exposure. And more exposure leads to more knowledge. A student is able to tap in to vast domains simultaneously. They develop distinct domain knowhow and perform different tasks simultaneously with equal efficiency.
  3. One of the biggest benefit is that candidates are eligible to sit for various companies during placements. Knowledge in two domains means you can apply for at least two kind of profiles.
  4. Like placements, candidates benefit tremendously with dual specialization in two different domains. So while looking for employment opportunities, one can apply to a wide variety of roles.
  5. Another advantage of dual specialisation is making a smooth career shift. For instance, one decides to pursue MBA in Marketing and Finance. Thereafter, the candidates goes on to work in sale and marketing domain. After a few years, candidates can make a shift to finance domain.
  6. MBA in dual specialisation is especially beneficial for new and existing entrepreneurs. For instance if the entrepreneur wants to keep the marketing and finance portfolios they can easily opt for dual specialisation with the required specialisations.
  7. Companies and recruiters expect MBA graduates to have a wide range of network for success in business transactions. Dual specialisation means a wider network from two domains.

The programme aims to impart quality education in order to transform students into versatile and magnanimous corporate professionals.

Programme Type


Programme Duration

2 years (4 semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

Admission is open, to the Master of Business Administration Course, to all the candidates who possess a Bachelor’s Degree of minimum three years’ duration recognized by VTU or who have passed any other examination recognized by this university as equivalent thereto.

The candidates shall have passed the prescribed qualifying examinations with not less than 50% of the marks in aggregate of all the years/semesters of the degree examinations. However, in the case of candidate belonging to SC/ST and any other groups classified by the Government of Karnataka for such purpose from time to time, the aggregate percentage of marks in the qualifying examinations shall be not less than 45%.

In addition, the candidate must have also taken at least one of the following entrance exams: CMAT/ CAT/MAT/ PGCET/K-MAT.


Course Structure

I Semester

II Semester

III Semester - Specialisation in Marketing

III Semester - Specialisation in Finance

III Semester - Specialisation in Human Resources

III Semester - Dual Specialisation in Marketing & Finance

Consumer Behaviour

III Semester - Dual Specialisation in Marketing & Human Resources

III Semester - Dual Specialisation in Finance & Human Resources

IV Semester - Specialisation in Marketing

IV Semester - Specialisation in Finance

IV Semester - Specialisation in Human Resources

IV Semester - Specialisation in Marketing & Finance

IV Semester - Specialisation in Marketing & Human Resources

IV Semester - Specialisation in Finance & Human Resources

Project Work


Internship will be carried out by students after second semester during vacation and the report submitted by the students will be assessed internally during the third semester.

The Internship shall be period of 4 weeks.


Project work will be carried out after third semester and shall be evaluated during fourth semester

Information & Downloads

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