CMRIT got the 116th rank among all engineering colleges in India as per Times Engineering Institutes Survey 2021

Second year student team led by Mr. Pratik Kumar Mishra and mentored by Dr. Priti Gupta has been selected among the Top 100 teams for IICDC 2019 Semi Finals-Phase-1 of DST-Texas instrument (IICDC 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Ganesh - Assistant Professor, Department of ISE, on being awarded the BEST YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD from Novel Research Academy

Congratulations to SUMA N.G (M.Tech CSE) for securing VTU 1st rank and winning University Gold Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Para Nath Singh for winning Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Excellence Award of Education-2020 award

Congratulations Mr. Siri H R for securing an offer of 23 LPA from Canbright Co. Ltd. (through Zenken)

Congratulations Mr Rahul RD Sahoo(BE-CSE) for securing an offer of ₹21+ LPA from Spacegrab, a Japanese company

Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Ashutosh Bhatte (M.Tech - CSE 2020) for securing a 22 LPA CTC from Synechron Technologies.

Dept. of ECE - Infrastructure

Analog Electronics Circuit Lab

The lab deals with analog circuits like rectifiers, clippers-clampers, amplifiers, oscillators etc using discrete components.It is the fundamental lab where-in students can learn to design and debugging of circuits. The technical support has been provided by “Texas Instruments Bangalore” by delivering analog kits for students to work on projects.

Digital Electronics Lab

This lab deals with the design and verification of logical circuits through IC’s. It also includes designing of sequential and combinational circuits to implement counters, registers, sequence generators, frequency dividers and so on. Simulation of logical circuits is done using Labview and Multisim softwares.

Linear ICs and Communication Lab

This lab deals with LIC and Communication ( modulation and demodulation) experiments using discrete components and ICs. It has all state of the art test and measuring instruments  supported by LABVIEW.

The Lab includes the implementation of signal processing algorithms and concepts (convolution, DFT, Sampling, Filters[FIR,IIR] etc..) using MATLAB software. The above concepts and real time experiments are also implemented using DSP processor(TMS320C67XX)  through Code Composer Studio. There are also ADC/DAC and Image processing kits for students projects.


The lab deals with analogue, digital designing and verifying combinational and sequential circuits along with their synthesis. There is also  a scope to achieve in depth knowledge on  design, simulation and Layout of analog circuit modules. This lab is equipped with VLSI CAD tools (Cadence and Mentor Graphics) to assists students for their research and projects.

Microcontroller Lab
This lab gives students a hands on ALP 8051 microcontroller programming, the interfacing of 8051 microcontroller with various IO devices as well as ALP programming of MSP430 microcontroller. The lab is equipped with computer systems with softwares.

Lab deals with HDL (VHDL & Verilog) Programming for different design of logic circuits and simulated using ModelSim software. Final Implementation of  design is done on FPGA. This also includes Real Time Devices interfaced with FPGA. The lab is also having signal Pattern generator and logic analyzer supported by  both CPLD and FPGA platform.

Embedded Controller Lab

This lab gives an opportunity for the students to understand the instruction set of ARM Cortex M3 (Thumb2). The lab also deals with Programming ARM Cortex M3 using various instructions set in assembly level language for different applications and interfacing external I/O  devices.

Advanced Communication Lab
This lab deals with Digital modulation and demodulation expt., microwave expt., antenna expt., optical fiber expt. with discrete components as well as kits. It is well equipped with state of the art test and measuring equipments.

Project & Research Lab
This Lab has provided a platform for students and research scholars to design and implement research based projects under the guidance of Professors. The projects have been implemented successfully with interactions from various private, Government and defence organizations. The outcome of the project has resulted in publications in various journals and conference proceedings (both at national and international level). The centre has provided a learning platform for both students and faculty. Apart from the regular labs the department also facilitates the below mentioned labs for students to carry out their projects.

Microprocessor Lab

The lab imparts students  with a hands on knowledge of 8086 microprocessor programming using MASM software and the interfacing of 8086 microprocessor  with various IO devices. The concepts of assembly language taught are used by students in their projects.

Computer Networks Lab

The lab is designed for the students to have hands on knowledge on computer network protocols (Routing,encryption,decryption, etc.). Software like NS3, TURBO-C and NCTuns are used.