CMRIT got the 116th rank among all engineering colleges in India as per Times Engineering Institutes Survey 2021

Second year student team led by Mr. Pratik Kumar Mishra and mentored by Dr. Priti Gupta has been selected among the Top 100 teams for IICDC 2019 Semi Finals-Phase-1 of DST-Texas instrument (IICDC 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Ganesh - Assistant Professor, Department of ISE, on being awarded the BEST YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD from Novel Research Academy

Congratulations to SUMA N.G (M.Tech CSE) for securing VTU 1st rank and winning University Gold Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Para Nath Singh for winning Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Excellence Award of Education-2020 award

Congratulations Mr. Siri H R for securing an offer of 23 LPA from Canbright Co. Ltd. (through Zenken)

Congratulations Mr Rahul RD Sahoo(BE-CSE) for securing an offer of ₹21+ LPA from Spacegrab, a Japanese company

Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Ashutosh Bhatte (M.Tech - CSE 2020) for securing a 22 LPA CTC from Synechron Technologies.

Department of MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Department Overview

The MBA program was started in the year 2002. The department is a recognised research centre by VTU.Department of Management Studies & Research Centre offers a rigorous and intensive Master’s degree in Business Administration aided by an eclectic mix of academic and industry professionals. Students can pursue a choice of specializations.

The program offers dual specialization courses in MBA in:

  • Marketing & Finance
  • Marketing & Human Resource
  • Finance & Human Resource

Features of the MBA Programs

  • SPSS Training for competency building
  • Regular Guest lecturers and workshops
  • Flipped classroom teaching

Accreditation, Approvals and Recognition

The Department of Management studies is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and is permanently Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technology University (Belagavi), and Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka and is also accredited by NBA.



To create successful business professionals updated with the latest industry-ready skills so as to drive positive business outcomes and bring about effective societal change.



  • M1: To create industry-ready professionals competent to drive businesses at various levels.
  • M2: To develop a talent pool of professionals competent in building robust businesses and thereby contribute to society.
  • M3: To nurture talent, and enable professionals to drive positive changes at various levels of society.
  • M4: To equip students with pros and cons of industries (at various levels).



Program USPs

  1. We not only deliver curriculum, but above and beyond that we mould the students to be future-ready. The various organization-level and department-level initiatives and programs provide the students opportunities to upskill themselves to match with the industry requirements and pave the path for smooth transition from classroom to corporate.
  2. The department is identified as a Research Center under VTU, which helps the students, the faculty and the research scholars actively pursue research activities across all domains of management. The department has a Centre of Excellence in Financial Markets under which the faculty together with the students studies the trends in financial markets, bring out insights and develop solutions that cater to learners, practitioners and society at large.
  3. The dedicated Training and Placement Bureau available at CMRIT trains and nurtures the students right from the first semester till the terminal semester on various essential areas through its flagship TYL (Tie-Your-LACES) program that helps students find their suitable domain for jobs and attend for various on-campus and off-campus internship and job opportunities.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To equip students with advanced business acumen that helps them to understand the key business functions and organisational resources for efficient business management in a globalised environment.

PEO2: To apply entrepreneurial, analytical and managerial skills such that it results in effective business management.

PEO3: To train students to be life-long learners who will be able to adapt to a globalised business scenario.

PEO4: To familiarise students with social responsibility issues that managers of the future must address, including business ethics, cultural diversity, environmental concerns and sustainable development.



Programme Outcomes (POs)

PO1 – Knowledge application
PO2 – Communication skills, lateral and critical thinking abilities
PO3 – Leadership, ethics and social consciousness
PO4 – Sustained research orientation
PO5 – Self sustaining entrepreneurship qualities



Marketing Club :
Faculty Incharge: Mr. Sandeep Kumar
Activity: Brand bro activity

HR Club :
Faculty Incharge: Mrs. Preksha Yadav
Activity: Team Building Activity
Stress Management

Finance Club & over-all club coordinator :
Faculty Incharge: Mrs. Piyali Roy Chowdhury
Activity: Split Hairs Activity


New Features


  1. 3D Areas – Training on Data, Design and Digital side of management
  2. PEP-Up Training (Profession Enhancement Program)
  3. Patent-drafting, Start-up & Entrepreneurship
  4. Virtual Trading

Co- Curricular activities

  1. Expert talks
  2. T20 (Talk for 20 Minutes)
  3. Student-driven Club Activities (Marketing, HR, Finance and Entrepreneurship domains)

R&D activities

  1. DRC: The Department Research Committee (DRC) fosters rigorous research activities among faculty and students. All the research works taken up by the faculty and students pass through the review checks of the DRC before going into the public domain.
  2. Centre of Excellence in Financial Markets: The COE established in the department serves as a platform for the students, faculty and the industry to study the various trends taking place in financial markets, one of the core areas of the department. Students collaborate with the faculty in their research efforts and produce whitepapers to publish in research journals of national and international repute and serve the local communities as well in improving their financial literacy and awareness.


  1. MoU with TrakInvest: The department has signed an MoU with TrakInvest to impart practical knowledge to students on virtual trading and stock markets. The faculty uses this platform as part of their continuous research and analysis on stock markets performance.
  2. Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC): The department has established EDC to foster the entrepreneurial abilities among the students and faculty. Students and faculty join EDC as members. All members of EDC are trained on Design Thinking, Patent Drafting and Filing and generating start-up ideas. This will enable the students and faculty to establish sustainable start-ups.


Postgraduate Program

MBA | Master of Business Administration

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Doctoral Program

Ph. D | Business Administration

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