Welcome CMRIT Alumni. If you have recently graduated from CMRIT, we want to hear from you.  Are you currently pursuing advanced studies or just beginning your career?  Please reach out to us at

If you are a CMRIT alumnus, we would like you to continue to be a part of the CMRIT community. We invite you to share your experiences, volunteer your expertise and advise current students who are on the path of career exploration. Many of our alumni are actively involved in providing and creating career opportunities, either full-time,  internship or project experiences for students. We would love for you to participate in this as well.

How can you make a difference?

  • Be a CMRIT brand ambassador to your current organization. Play an active role in ongoing placement drives
  • Assist in recruiting students and graduates into your own organization
  • Provide internship and short-term project opportunities
  • Participate actively in on-campus activities through industry-relevant guest lectures and/or career guidance sessions and mentorship activities




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Testimonials from Alumni and Parents

“Hello!  My name is Krishna Kumar.   My son J Gautham Krishna Kumar is currently in his IV semester Engineering with CMRIT.  The institution has Makerspace infrastructure to encourage students to explore new product development, the faculty encourage the students to undertake small projects to help them develop skills to translate learning into solving real world problems.  By assigning a mentor for each student, they make sure the student is on top of his academic performance.  Our son has participated in the Tennis tournament conducted by Visweswaraya Technological University. They conduct periodic workshops and encourage students to take part in the same.  Besides the faculty encourages him to take MOOC courses.  They have a dedicated placement officer who has had industry experience. We feel this will enable graduating students to get suitable placements.  Overall they have set the platform for the student(s) in excel in all areas to come out as a well rounded individual.”

Mr. K Krishna Kumar,
Business Developer,
Health Cubed India Pvt. Ltd.

“As a parent of an Engineering aspirant, my experience with CMRIT has been excellent so far. The facilities provided for students are state of the art, and if compared, better than most of the other institutes in Bangalore. The sprawling campus and the energetic atmosphere that greets one, is simply exemplary. As a parent, my daughter’s safety has been my biggest concern and the university has never disappointed me on that front. Plus, based on the reviews I’ve received by my daughter, I can say that the faculty is very helpful and have expertise in their respective domains. I had a pleasant experience with the administration and did not face any difficulty in the admission procedures. In a nutshell, it has been a sheer pleasure to have my daughter be a part of CMRIT”

Mr. Jayant Kumar,
Head – Projects,
Ashirvad Pipes Pvt. Ltd.

“CMRIT is an institution which educates through challenge. It takes students out of their comfort zone, driving them to question the status quo, and see things critically. Education at this institution builds character by pushing students to raise the bar and exceed their own expectations. It is centered around the philosophy of learning through practice, and this extends well beyond the confines of the classroom. For these reasons, I always thought CMRIT to be an institution where one could become one what one wanted to become. But in the years that have passed, I’ve come to appreciate that this is also an institution where one realizes what one wants to become, and gains the confidence to chart one’s own course. Herein lies the difference between an institution that teaches, and one that educates.

CMRIT has had an important role in my own development as an engineer and as a scientist, and I remain indebted to the wonderful faculty at this institution for the years of encouragement, support, and their unwavering belief in their students’ abilities”

Dr. Sumeet Kumar,
Alumni (2004-2008),
CEO, Innatera Nanosystems BV, Delft,
The Netherlands
Project Manager, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

“CMRIT transformed this poor student with a not-so- great CET rank into a college rank holder. I did work hard but an equal part – if not more – was played by my teachers whose efforts, patience and guidance gave me the precious gift of actually learning how to think. Any school can teach a student a formula. Very few can truly explain to that student how he/she can apply that formula to a real-world problem – that is the essence of Engineering.”

Mr. Karan Jumani,
Alumni (2000-2004),
R & D Engineering Manager,
Knowles Corp, USA.

“My four years at CMR Institute of Technology were memorable for igniting my interest in electronics and for forming some wonderful friendships that I still count on today. Beyond the prescribed curriculum, there was additional impetus from the faculty to have exposure to industry and academia. These came in the form of talks and interactive sessions with industry professionals, alumni, and encouragement to attend conferences. A strong placement cell bringing several top employers for on campus recruitment and alumni & faculty providing information, necessary references to pursue higher education in the country and abroad, opened many opportunities for me and my peers for life after graduation. I look back fondly, eight years after leaving the halls of CMRIT.”

Ms. Mayuri S,
Alumni (2006-2010),
Scientist (Raman Research Institute),
Postdoctoral Scholar (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

“When I reflect on my four years in the CMRIT undergraduate program, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better engineer but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. Through classes with incredibly supportive classmates and professors who were nothing short of champions, I was challenged to discover talents I didn’t know I had.

The faculty allowed me to express myself freely both on a personal and intellectual level—they truly supported me with any interest I had or any situation I was facing.
The faculty and administrative members of CMRIT were always supportive, kind and, more importantly, treat students as colleagues. I have become more confident due to such a nurturing and friendly environment. Every single student’s intellectual potential can be fully explored owing to the rigorous training and constant mentorship one gets from CMRIT.

My fellow students were my best friends, best colleagues, and best critics; and they continue to be so to this day.

Having been shaped in part by the collegial and creative, yet rigorous, environment at CMRIT, I found myself able to communicate, innovate, and collaborate in ways that enabled me to build a successful engineering career at ARM Inc. Bangalore, and eventually to find a rewarding research career in NVIDIA research lab, California.

n my current role as Ph.D. Candidate, School of Computing, University of Utah, I work with the faculty, with the students, and with the broader community, I draw every day on the dispositions I developed during my time at CMRIT. It was a wonderful time in my life, and the best educational experience I’ve had. A lot of people think back to undergrad school and shudder.; In my case, I think back to four years of uninterrupted good times.

Alumni (2007-2011),
Research Intern NVIDIA Research Labs, California,
Ph.D. Candidate, School of Computing, University of Utah

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