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Jnanadhara Magazine 2014

With this edition of Jnanadhara, we aspire to introduce you to a world of wonderful stories, free flowing poetry, technical based articles and creative sketches that our institution has to offer (while appreciating their effort). We also want to showcase and honour the achievers who have adorned this edition of our college magazine.

Work towards the magazine commenced with a bunch of ingenious and innovative designers jumping on board with an erudition of editors. The effort made was much and time was against us, yet the designers strived to perfect their design while the editors scrutinized every sentence of every article that had been sent in. While the collective and cooperative endeavor of the ardent designers and editors led to the production of this magazine, we also laud the efforts of all those selfless people who have played their part. We extend our gratitude to the students who found us trustworthy to use their laptops. Our special thanks to IRIS Photography club, CMRIT’s very own photography crew who have worked tirelessly to provide us with photographs that decorate this edition of Jnanadhara. We reserve an exclusive shout-out to everyone who have made contributions to this wonderful compilation of talent and creativity.

We, the magazine team, believe that this year’s edition of Jnanadhara will serve as a testimony of all the hard work and dedication put in by all those involved in this wonderful journey. With this, we hope you will enjoy the vibrant and creative fare our magazine offers you.