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Student Programmes

Student Programmes

Tie your LACES

  • Tie Your LACES (TYL) is CMRIT’s own skill development program to transform a student to a professional as well as to improve the overall employability of students. It helps students in their holistic development required for Corporate Jobs or for any career option they choose. TYL Trainings and Activities develop students in skills of ‘L A C E S’ that represent ‘L’ for Language, ‘A’ for Aptitude, ‘C’ for Core domain, ‘E’ for Experiential and ‘S’ for Soft Skills. TYL Skill development activities run throughout the years of student’s coursework. TYL activities are designed, planned and being executed in all semesters of all Batches and for all Courses in CMRIT. 
  • All TYL Skills development modules are introduced to students from first year to final year in phases. TYL program is designed in such a way that student skill levels go up as they progress in their course curriculum. 
  • Every TYL Skill Level development ends with an assessment test. Students need to clear the assessment to progress to next level skill. Students need to pass assessment tests to get eligibility for placements. The TYL process supports both quick and slow learners with remedial classes, mentorship and career counselling.
  • “TIE YOUR LACES” is for all students across all streams in all programmes. These initiative activities are run through all semesters and all years that bridges skills gaps in students as per industry expectations.

We get all our students to go through our Tie Your LACES programmes that complements our University course curriculum to bridge the gap between present Industry and Technology expectations and the standard university course work. This program helps students to know the career options available after college, develop their own career plans and build knowledge and skills necessary to meet their career goals and objectives.

Industry Connects

We continuously interact and collaborate with Industries, Companies and Professional bodies to understand Business and Technology needs and trends, visualize future Industry landscape and predict job opportunities. These learnings help us in creating training capsules that are embedded into Tie Your LACES program that bridges the gap in current curriculum from industry’s future expectations.

With Digitization and Automation technologies changing the Industry how it is doing business and for analysis and design jobs created, College is grooming students with additional trainings on Design Thinking, Computing Fundamentals and Programming Languages and Domain Specific Advanced Technologies for all disciplines.

All students do mini-projects with dedicated calendar time in every semester to get hands on, practical, application and problem solving experience along with curriculum theory and labs so that students are ready for corporate jobs and they are productive from day one in organizations. We help, encourage and support students to do major projects in solving current industry and social problems using latest technologies.

With only ‘CHANGE’ becoming constant, we inculcate the habit of ‘continuous learning’ with online MOO Courses, Certifications from first year of their studies. We encourage and mandate participation in Competitions, Hackathons, and Research paper submissions.

We look for industry internships and projects for our students and support them in getting experiential skills leading to placement opportunities.

We continuously organize:

  • Awareness sessions for present and future career opportunities available to students in the Industry.
  • Industry and Technology trends awareness sessions through Expert talks from Alumni and Industry.
  • Workshops and Seminars by Industry and Professional bodies.
  • Readiness Talks from Company representatives and HR professional to help students in preparing for placements.

Student Readiness

We constantly interact with Industry bodies, Companies and Industry veterans to predict the careers and job opportunities that will be available in the next 5 years, identify knowledge and skills required for current and future job roles and plan for job specific technical skill development programmes for students to be ready for current and future job roles.

We do aptitude trainings for all students in Quantitative, Logical Reasoning and Verbal to improve their Problem Solving, Verbal Communication and Data Comprehension skills.

All the students go through soft skills training which prepare them to be corporative citizen with email writing, telephone etiquette, presentation skill, and client and team interaction skills. We also make them ready for placements with intensive training in resume writing, group discussion, case study and personal interview skills.

We organise many activities and events throughout the year. These prepare students and help them find and plan career placements.

Some of these activities include:

  • Technical training from external and internal faculty to bridge the gap for corporate-readiness
  • Career orientation and development programmes for students delivered by industry associates.
  • Guest lecture series from industry experts from the recruiting companies.
  • Talks by alumni who represent the companies participating in the placement drives.
  • Industry Campus Connect day, when hiring companies present their job opportunities and companies expectations.