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Student Testimonials

Students Testimonials

The placement process at CMRIT is straight forward and designed to ensure maximum opportunities to eligible students. I have received great support from the placement office and faculty.
Dhruva Vatsa Mishra (2015-2019)
Information Science and Engineering
My experience with the placement office at CMRIT has been wonderful! CMRIT has given me a competitive advantage that I am not sure I could have got anywhere else. The training process lays sufficient experience on hands-on activities which has helped me advance in my career.
Nishmita Ravindranath (2013-2017)
Information Science and Engineering
CMRIT has played a pivotal role in the development of my career. I’m grateful to CMRIT for providing me an environment where I could participate in Internship during the semester, this gave me an insight into enterprise level software development, thanks to which I was recruited from campus by Yokogawa.
Syed Nabil Ahmed (2009-13)
Computer Science and Engineering
Every single student’s intellectual potential can be fully explored owing to the rigorous training and constant mentorship one gets from the placement cell at CMRIT. I have been greatly benefitted by the placement modules. These helped me attain a good position in my career.
Vinu J (2007 – 2011)
Electronics and Communications Engineering