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Sports @ CMR

At CMR, our vision is to nurture creative thinkers who will drive positive global change. The Physical Education Department fosters this vision by training students and assisting them in maintaining their fitness through various sports activities.

The objective is to build competitive teams in various sporting events like Cricket, Football, Hockey, BasketBall, Throw Ball, Shuttle Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming, Athletics, Gymnastics and others. 

To encourage sports, the talented sports persons are provided with a host of facilities such as:

  • Accommodation in hostels
  •  Extra Coaching for completion of syllabus for sports persons
  •  Travel allowance, reimbursement, and other support
  •  Financial and academic support
  •  Participating students are provided exemptions from classes and assessments as per the UGC sports norms
  •  The students are treated as ‘on duty’ and provided attendance on the specified number of days as certified by the concerned Dean in case of shortage of attendance beyond 25%.


For students participating in various sports activities and thereby missing their internal assessment tests, the concerned faculty arranges separate tests/assessments covering the same syllabus. This is a part of the duty of the concerned Dean of the School who facilitates the tests/assessments.

Academic Support

  • The sports students, exempted from attendance, are separately certified by the concerned HODs/Deans in case of shortage of attendance. Special lectures are scheduled, for these students on the topics missed, with prior permission from the respective Deans.
  • In case students attending sports activities miss internal assessment tests or assignments, the concerned faculty makes the required arrangements with permissions of the respective HODs/Deans
  • The department of physical education, along with that of the concerned faculty coordinates with the HODs/Dean in all such cases, in advance.


The CMR Sports Scholarship aims to promote and encourage sports activities both within CMRU, as well as throughout the country. These scholarships are offered to students representing at the state, national, and international levels.

Students who have participated in sports competitions including track and field events, athletics, cricket, hockey, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and fencing at the state, national, and international levels are eligible to apply. Students who have participated in yoga or chess at national and international competitions are also invited to apply.

Sports Scholarships are provided to:

  • Students displaying exceptional talent in sports are eligible for scholarships under the Sports quota.
  • The major objective of the scholarship is to provide incentives to sports persons, and award them such that they maintain sustained interest to participate and perform progressively.
  • Merit of the scholarship shall be decided based on the level of participation and performance.
  • Sports scholarships awarded to a student will be initially for one year, and will be renewed every year based on the performance.


The University’s Sports committee scrutinizes the applications and selects candidates on the basis of performance and merit.

The decision of the Committee will be final and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

Sports Facilities

At CMRIT, we encourage talented sportsmen and sportswomen by providing a multitude of sports-centric facilities. The campus houses full fledged sports amenities such as

  • Cricket Ground
  • Basket Ball Ground
  • Table Tennis
  • Football Ground
  • Indoor Sports

CMR University – Bagalur Campus



CMRIT Women's Hockey Team wins VTU single zone hockey tournament at SIT Tumkur on 20th April 2019.