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Sports @ CMR

Sports @ CMR


Sports is an integral part of CMRIT. CMRIT provides enough support to help students reach their potential.

At CMRIT, we have different facilities that accommodate various sports.

We have two basketball courts, a football ground, a volleyball court, we also have indoor table tennis courts and a place to play cricket as well.

We also have two gyms. These gyms have a wide range of equipment that everyone can utilize to build their physical fitness.

Of course, there are also teams for a diverse range of sports. We have teams for Hockey, Kho-Kho, and Kabaddi, football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, throw ball, athletics, swimming, chess and more.

These teams have participated in multiple university level, state, national and international level competitions and won a number of these competitions. The college encourages students to participate in various tournaments, within the state and outside.

Within college, students organize an Inter-collegiate fest, Spardha, every year. We also have an inter department sports fest for all sports.


To provide adequate infrastructure facilities for sports and games so that students choose and participate in the events for which they have flair. To spot and groom the sports talent, to foster better human relations through sports and games. To imbibe in the students discipline, leadership qualities, courage and the sense of belonging through sports activities.  To train the students to receive success and defeat unanimously.


To challenge and empower individuals through intercollegiate athletics, physical education and physical activity while developing and fostering a lifetime commitment to wellness.


To produce National & International players, by providing hi-tech sports facilities to the students. To attain the top most position in the sports arena of the university colleges in our state or country.

Physical Education & Sports-

Physical education-is an integral part of educational programs designed to promote the optimum development of an individual physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually through total body movement in the performance of properly selected physical activities. The primary aims of physical education have varied, based on the needs of the time and place. Most of the institutions’ goal is to provide students with knowledge, skills, capacities, values and the enthusiasm to maintain a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. Activities included in the programme are designed to promote physical fitness, to develop motor skills, to instill knowledge and understanding of rules, concepts, and strategies. Students learn to either work as part of a team, or as individuals, in a wide variety of competitive activities.

Sport is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Sports is commonly referred to activities where the physical capabilities of the competitor are the sole or primary determinant of the outcome (winning or losing), but the term is also used to include activities such as mind sports (a common name for some card games and board games. Sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play.

Academic Support

  • The sports students, exempted from attendance, are separately certified by the concerned HODs/Deans in case of shortage of attendance. Special lectures are scheduled, for these students on the topics missed, with prior permission from the respective Deans.
  • In case students attending sports activities miss internal assessment tests or assignments, the concerned faculty makes the required arrangements with permissions of the respective HODs/Deans
  • The department of physical education, along with that of the concerned faculty coordinates with the HODs/Dean in all such cases, in advance.
Sports @ CMR


The CMR Sports Scholarship aims to promote and encourage sports activities both within CMRU, as well as throughout the country. These scholarships are offered to students representing at the state, national, and international levels.

Students who have participated in sports competitions including track and field events, athletics, cricket, hockey, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and fencing at the state, national, and international levels are eligible to apply. Students who have participated in yoga or chess at national and international competitions are also invited to apply.

Sports Scholarships are provided to:

  • Students displaying exceptional talent in sports are eligible for scholarships under the Sports quota.
  • The major objective of the scholarship is to provide incentives to sports persons, and award them such that they maintain sustained interest to participate and perform progressively.
  • Merit of the scholarship shall be decided based on the level of participation and performance.
  • Sports scholarships awarded to a student will be initially for one year, and will be renewed every year based on the performance.


The University’s Sports committee scrutinizes the applications and selects candidates on the basis of performance and merit.

The decision of the Committee will be final and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

Sports @ CMR
Sports @ CMR

Sports Facilities

At CMRIT, we encourage talented sportsmen and sportswomen by providing a multitude of sports-centric facilities. The campus houses full fledged sports amenities such as

  • Cricket Ground
  • Basket Ball Ground
  • Table Tennis
  • Football Ground
  • Indoor Sports



The College houses hi tech indoor and outdoor sports facilities in the campus like basket ball court, volleyball court, throw ball court, cricket ground, football ground, hockey ground, kabaddi ground, indoor and outdoor table tennis. Well qualified Physical education Instructors and coaches who are sports achievers train the students in several disciplines.

Our college has hosted several universities and other open tournaments like basketball, volleyball etc.

Our students have represented university Boxing, Basketball and hockey.

CMRIT has a large Hi-tech gymnasium facility with areas marked Weight Training and Cardio exercises.  Students make use of this facility even during their leisure and keep themselves FIT and HEALTHY.



         (a) 2 Basketball courts: (29x16mtr each)

         (b) Seating Capacity:  350 Nos.

2. Volley ball/Throw ball Court:

         (a) Seating Capacity: 350 No.

3. Football/Hockey/ Cricket Ground (90x80mtr)

         (a) Seating Capacity:  150 No


         (a) Measurement:  50 x 40 feet (3 nos. of T.T Tables can accommodate)

         (b)   Seating Capacity:  50 No

4. Kabaddi Facility

         (a) Measurement:  13×10 mtr.

5. Kho-Kho Facility

         (a) Measurement:  27×16 mtr.

6. GYMNASIUM: 1 no

         (a) Accommodate: 20 Members can do Workouts at a time.


8. We have a separate  Coaches for Individual Events


Basketball- Mr. Satyanarayana, NIS

Participated as an Official in 55th School games in Punjab.

Participated as a coach for Karnataka State team in 60th school games held at Delhi.

Participated as a coach for Karnataka State team in 52nd school games held at Chhattisgarh. Completed the
Jr. NBA & Jr. WNBA to TRAIN THE TRAINERS PROGRAM at Bangalore in 2011.

Coach for Karnataka State team from 2006 to 2011.

Played as a Guest Player for ITI from 2002 to 2005

Mr. Santosh

Represented Karnataka for 6 Consecutive years.

He has coaching Experience of 5years.


 Foot ball – Mrs.  Padma Priya Singoor.

Represented INDIA and ASIAN Games and secured Silver medal.

Working as a Football coach in SAI Bangalore, put on 23 years of service and produced National and International Players both Boys and Girls.

Completed NIS, Diploma in Football.

FIFA and AIFF Qualified Referee.


 Hockey – Mr. Chethan Ram.

Qualified Referee from KHF.

Completed NIS, Diploma in Hockey.

Coaching Experience of 2 years in SAI, Madikeri.

 Working in EURO International School

CMR University – Bagalur Campus



CMRIT Women's Hockey Team wins VTU single zone hockey tournament at SIT Tumkur on 20th April 2019.