CMRIT got the 116th rank among all engineering colleges in India as per Times Engineering Institutes Survey 2021

Second year student team led by Mr. Pratik Kumar Mishra and mentored by Dr. Priti Gupta has been selected among the Top 100 teams for IICDC 2019 Semi Finals-Phase-1 of DST-Texas instrument (IICDC 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Ganesh - Assistant Professor, Department of ISE, on being awarded the BEST YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD from Novel Research Academy

Congratulations to SUMA N.G (M.Tech CSE) for securing VTU 1st rank and winning University Gold Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Para Nath Singh for winning Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Excellence Award of Education-2020 award

Congratulations Mr. Siri H R for securing an offer of 23 LPA from Canbright Co. Ltd. (through Zenken)

Congratulations Mr Rahul RD Sahoo(BE-CSE) for securing an offer of ₹21+ LPA from Spacegrab, a Japanese company

Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Ashutosh Bhatte (M.Tech - CSE 2020) for securing a 22 LPA CTC from Synechron Technologies.


Each year, the CMR Jnanadhara Trust awards a number of scholarships to exceptional and highly deserving students from across the CMR Group of Institutions. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit/means/demonstrated leadership or sports abilities.

CMR Memorial Scholarships

The CMR Memorial Scholarships are awarded to students with financial need, as determined by the CMR Scholarship Committee. It is a merit cum means scholarship. This financial aid comes from a dedicated scholarship fund of the CMR Jnanadhara Trust. Any student who is economically weak, and/or from a rural area is eligible to apply. The applicant must furnish the relevant details as proof of his/her eligibility. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. A good academic record is a must for availing scholarships.

Along with this, the following documents are required to be produced:

  • A community / income certificate from an official, not below the rank of a revenue inspector.
  • Statement of Marks

Have a question regarding scholarships? Mail us for more information.


CMR Merit Scholarships

These scholarships are meant to offer financial assistance to students with excellent academic track records. These scholarships offer a sense of security to students and encourage them to pursue studies without financial worries. Any undergraduate or postgraduate student with an outstanding academic track record will be considered for the CMR Merit scholarships.


A. Academic Performance in Qualifying Examination (other than B.Arch.): 2021-22

1. For Undergraduate Programmes Admissions:

Marks in Qualifying Exam Applicable Scholarship
Above 91% 15%
85%-90% 10%
State Board
Marks in Qualifying Exam Applicable Scholarship
Above 96% 25%
91%-95% 15%
80%-90% 10%

2. For Postgraduate Programmes: MBA, MCA & M.Tech – 2021-22

Marks in Qualifying Exam Applicable Scholarship
Above 80% (CGPA Above 8) 25%
80%-70% (CGPA 8 to 7.0) 15%
70%-65% (CGPA 7.0 to 6.5) 10%

B. SCHOLARSHIP 2021-22 for BE students


Rankings Scholarship
Upto 1000 100% Tuition fee waiver
1001-1500 70% Tuition fee waiver
1501-2000 60% Tuition fee waiver
2001-2500 50% Tuition fee waiver
2501-4000 25% Tuition fee waiver


Rankings Scholarship
Upto 2000 50% Tuition fee waiver
2001-3000 40% Tuition fee waiver
3001-5000 30% Tuition fee waiver
5001-8000 15% Tuition fee waiver



Rankings Scholarship
< 100 100% Tuition fee waiver
101-200 70% Tuition fee waiver
201-500 50% Tuition fee waiver
501-1000 25% Tuition fee waiver

2. Management:

EXAM Ranking Scholarship
MAT 100 & Above Marks 25% Tuition fee waiver
CAT 85 percentile and above 25% Tuition fee waiver

3. PGCET (MCA – 2 Year Course)

Rankings Scholarship
Upto 100 100% Tuition fee will be waived
101-150 75% Tuition fee will be waived
151-200 50% Tuition fee will be waived
201-250 25% Tuition fee will be waived

D. Academic Performance in Qualifying Examination (for both MBA & MCA) 2021-22:

Percentile in UG Scholarship
80% and above 25% Tuition fee waiver
80% – 71% 25% Tuition fee waiver
70% – 65% 10% Tuition fee waiver
201-250 25% Tuition fee will be waived

CMR Leadership Awards

CMR Leadership Awards will be awarded to exceptional students who demonstrate the following behaviour and leadership qualities.

  • An all-rounder with consistent contribution towards academics, sports, co-curricular and other institute related activities.
  • Good communication skills and the mark of a leader.
  • A sense of maturity, social responsibility and ethical fibre in all his/her actions.
  • The student must have followed all policies of the institute, and shown respect towards teaching and non-teaching faculty and staff.
  • The student should have set himself as an example to others through his positive attitude, outstanding behaviour and conduct.
  • The student must be both admired and respected by both his peers and colleagues.

CMR Sports Scholarships

The CMR Sports Scholarship aims to promote and encourage sports activities within the CMR Group of Institutions and throughout the country. Sports Scholarships applicable to students are:

  • State Level Scholarship
  • National Level Scholarship
  • International Level Scholarship

Students who have participated in sports competitions including track and field events, athletics, cricket, hockey, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and fencing etc at the State, National and International levels are eligible to apply. Students who have participated in yoga or chess in National and International competitions are also invited to apply.



For UG and PG students of CMRIT

Particular Scholarship
International Level Students in Individual Sports 80% Tuition fee waiver
International Level Students in Team Sports 70% Tuition fee waiver
National Level Students in Individual Sports 60% Tuition fee waiver
National Level Students in Team Sports 50% Tuition fee waiver
State Level Students in Individual Sports 40% Tuition fee waiver
State Level Students in Team Sports 30% Tuition fee waiver

The above fee waiver is applicable for Management quote, CET quota and COMED-K quota students ONLY in the first year, i.e. year of admission

The waivers will be continued for the subsequent years ONLY IF the students maintains minimum 60% marks and achievements in sports and games.

This sports scholarship is available for first 10 students only.

Outside Scholarships

Students may also apply for scholarships from other sources outside the CMR Group of Institutions to receive financial aid to assist with the academic tuition. The following are other organisations and sources that grant scholarships to students who meet their eligibility criteria.

  • ICCR Scholarships
  • SC/ ST and Backward Class Merit
  • Scholarship from the Government of Karnataka
  • Scholarships from various State Governments


I. CMR Students Scholarships

II. Social Service

III. Defense Scholarships and Bravery Award

Ward of Recipients of – Gallantry Paramvir Chakra,Ashok Chakra,
Mahavir Chakra, Kirti Chakra,Veer Chakra and Shaurya Chakra-
25% Tuition Fee waiver
Killed in action 25% Tuition Fee waiver
Disabled in action 25% Tuition Fee waiver
President police medals 20% Tuition fee waiver
Working / Retired (Army, navy, Air Force,CRPF, BSF and Police) 10% tuition fee waiver

IV. For Siblings
This fees concession is applicable for the students whose Brother or Sister is studying in the same School of CMR University or studying higher education in any of CMRGOI

V. Referral Scheme Proposal
Existing Staff or students refers any of their relatives, neighbors, from their home place, known persons etc.. ( They need to establish the relationship) –

VI. Single Parent
Child of single parent (Mother only) scored 70% marks at qualifying examination are eligible for

VI. 7 Sisters
Students from North Fast – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura are eligible for admission in to any of CMRGOI

VII. Andaman & Nicobar
Students from Andaman and Nicobar islands are eligible to get

VIII. Physically Abled

70% handicapped 70 % Tuition Fee waiver
Between 50-25% handicapped 40% tuition fee waiver
Below 25% handicapped 10% Tuition Fee waiver

General Condition/Note:
1. Students are allowed to avail any one of the Merit scholarship, Sports scholarship, Fee Discounts, Fee Concession for CMRGOI for the academic year 2021- 2022.

2. Fees payment in installments / Semester will be decided case by case like previous years. This will be decided by the Director CMRGOI, after receiving details from the respective campus counsellors as we have done in the previous years.

3. The above fee waivers for all categories of students are applicable ONLY to the first year, i.e. year of admission.