CMRIT got the 116th rank among all engineering colleges in India as per Times Engineering Institutes Survey 2021

Second year student team led by Mr. Pratik Kumar Mishra and mentored by Dr. Priti Gupta has been selected among the Top 100 teams for IICDC 2019 Semi Finals-Phase-1 of DST-Texas instrument (IICDC 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Ganesh - Assistant Professor, Department of ISE, on being awarded the BEST YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD from Novel Research Academy

Congratulations to SUMA N.G (M.Tech CSE) for securing VTU 1st rank and winning University Gold Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Para Nath Singh for winning Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Excellence Award of Education-2020 award

Congratulations Mr. Siri H R for securing an offer of 23 LPA from Canbright Co. Ltd. (through Zenken)

Congratulations Mr Rahul RD Sahoo(BE-CSE) for securing an offer of ₹21+ LPA from Spacegrab, a Japanese company

Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Ashutosh Bhatte (M.Tech - CSE 2020) for securing a 22 LPA CTC from Synechron Technologies.


CMRIT has requisite infrastructure and facilities for doing placement drives in the campus:

  • Multiple discussion rooms for technical and personal interviews
  • Four seminar halls (three 120-seat capacity and one 60-seat capacity) for pre-placement talks, seminars, conferences, group discussions, workshops, etc.
  • Dwani Auditorium: One 650 seat-capacity for pre-placement talks, seminars, workshops, presentations, etc.

The whole campus is connected over internet and students, faculty and college guests can connect to internet with high bandwidth wifi from any corner of the campus.

The college has lab infrastructure with over 300 workstations that can be used for conducting online tests simultaneously as part of campus placement drives.


Centres of Excellence

Students will have access to the on-campus Centres of Excellence (CoE) created through CMRIT’s industry partnerships and alliances. Through these centres, you will complete projects that allow you to work with the latest technologies. Our faculty are trained in these areas, and you will be able to leverage their expertise through project mentorship and guidance.

The Centre of Excellence offers students a way in to the on-campus Centre of Excellence (CoE), shaped through CMRIT’s industry affiliation. Through these centres, students can complete projects through the use of the most recent technologies. The CMRIT faculty is qualified in these areas, and support student initiatives through project mentorship and direction.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cell

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell proffers programmes and platforms for those students who are involved in entrepreneurship. The Maker Space at CMRIT acts as a facilitator for students as it helps them to uncover their hidden potential. It is a dedicated space for students and staff, where prospects explore new technologies and fresh methodologies, ensuring their growth into proficient thinkers, makers and innovators of current times. The Maker Space also lends a hand in coaching the students and act as a platform where the students get the opportunity to meet external partners and alumni.


CMR Life Skills Institute

We have partnered with the CMR Life Skills Institute to offer a number of training programmes for development of soft skills such as communication and presentation skills, email and business etiquette, body language improvement, working in teams, and other aptitude enhancement methods. Students will benefit from interview preparedness workshops and seminars. These courses are integrated into the curriculum so that every student will be able to leverage this exposure.