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Department of Management Studies (Master of Business Administration)

Department of Management Studies (Master of Business Administration)

Department Overview

The MBA program was started in the year 2002. The department is a recognised research centre by VTU.Department of Management Studies & Research Centre offers a rigorous and intensive Master’s degree in Business Administration aided by an eclectic mix of academic and industry professionals. Students can pursue a choice of specializations.

The program offers dual specialization program in MBA in:

  • Marketing & Finance
  • Marketing & Human Resource
  • Finance & Human Resource
  • Business Analytics & Finance
  • Business Analytics & Marketing
  • Business Analytics & Human Resource
Features of the MBA Programmes
  • Competency building training on Python & Tableau, Advanced MS Excel to ake the students technology ready.
  • Organizing guest lecturers and workshops and several team building activities frequently.
  • Implementation of creative teaching methodologies such as Flipped classroom teaching, Case studies, Seminars, Paper-presentations and collaboration with professors in research activities.
Accreditation, Approvals and Recognition

The Department of Management studies is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and is permanently Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technology University (Belagavi), and Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka and is also accredited by NBA.


To emerge as a Center of Excellence in the field of Business & Management, and produce globally competent business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.


  • M1: To prepare students for a global career in business management by enriching the curriculum with a blend of theory and practice.
  • M2: To build a faculty team with industry and academic exposure to nurture competent management professionals.
  • M3: To engage with industry and institutes of repute and to collaborate in academics, research, development and consultancy involving faculty and students.
  • M4: To envisage and implement real world projects and foster continuous learning amongst students through life-skill, industry relevant programming and internship.

Thrust Areas

  1. Financial Markets
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. HR Analytics
  4. Entrepreneurship and Start-up

Program USPs

The full-time MBA program at CMRIT is fundamentally driven by brilliant faculty members, a carefully thought out curriculum leading to a dual specialization, a pedagogy that is practice-oriented and with a clear focus on industry connectedness, all leading to placement readiness of all students.

  • Intellectual capital with a highly qualified pool of scholarly professors and also a pool of industry leaders as professors of practice and adjunct professors.
  • New age specialization (Business Analytics | Marketing Management | Finance Management | Human Resource Management).
  • Dual Specialization program ending in immersive internships and capstone projects for all students giving students depth and reach leading to enhanced placement opportunities.
  • Pedagogy that is creative and incorporates mini projects, case studies, simulations, interactive lectures and field studies. Lectures and interaction with faculty from across the world.
  • Value Added Programs (VAP) that adds to the students competence levels which includes specialized training programs in Aptitude, Soft-skills, Personality Development, Python & Tableau | Advance Ms Excel | Digital Marketing from internal TYL (Tie-Your-LACES) Experts.
  • Mentorship program for every student that helps the student get transformed personally and professionally.
  • Career-focused initiatives like Internships | Placements | Mini Projects | TYL training leading to 100% placement-readiness of students.
  • Student Clubs, Management Games and Stimulation Programs.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1 – Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
PO2 – Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data based decision making.
PO3 – Ability to develop value-based leadership.
PO4 – Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of business.
PO5 – Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals contributing effectively to a team environment.

Programmes Education Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To equip students with subject knowledge and expertise of managerial functions.

PEO2: To empower students with application driven skills.

PEO3: To nurture the spirit of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship among students.

PEO4: To develop effective communication, decision making and leadership skills among students.

PEO5: To inculcate ethical qualities and a sense of social purpose among students.


1) The Marketing Club: Marketing Chanakya’s
Faculty Incharge – Dr.Mohan N
Faculty Incharge – Dr.Chandrika N
Faculty Incharge – Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Thalari


Postgraduate Program

MBA Master of Business Administration

Doctoral Program

Ph. D Business Administration

New Features


  1. 3-D skilling ie., training on Data, Design and Digital dimensions of management
  2. PEP-Up Training (Profession Enhancement Program)
  3. Patent-drafting, Start-up & Entrepreneurship
  4. Live Virtual Trading Stimulations class

Co- Curricular activities

  1. Expert talks
  2. T20 (Talk for 20 Minutes)
  3. Student-driven Club Activities (Marketing, Human Resource, Finance)
R&D activities
  1. DRC: The Department Research Committee (DRC) fosters rigorous research activities among faculty and students. All the research works taken up by the faculty and students pass through the review checks of the DRC before going into the public domain.
  2. Centre of Excellence in Business Analytics (CoE-BA): The COE-BA established in the department serves as a platform for the students, faculty and the industry to study the various trends taking place in financial markets, one of the core areas of the department. Students collaborate with the faculty in their research efforts and produce whitepapers to publish in research journals of national and international repute and serve the local communities as well in improving their financial literacy and awareness.
  1. MoU with Stockbyte: The department has signed an MoU with SMI Global Learning Pvt. Ltd to access the Stockbyte mobile app. Through this platform, the department offers value-added programs, certification courses to the students and access to virtual trading platforms. These learnings are integrated with the curriculum for enhanced student learnings.
  2. MoU with StockGro: The department has signed an MoU with StockGro to impart practical knowledge to students on virtual trading and stock markets. The faculty uses this platform as part of their continuous research and analysis on stock markets performance.
  3. Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC): The department has established EDC to foster the entrepreneurial abilities among the students and faculty and offer pre-incubation support to the Incubation Cell of CMRIT. Students and faculty join EDC as members. All members of EDC are trained on Design Thinking, Patent Drafting and Filing and generating start-up ideas. This will enable the students and faculty to establish sustainable start-ups.

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