Ace Your Engineering Interview Like A Pro: Here Are Some Tips!

Are you fretting over your upcoming interview? Can’t decide what to wear or how to start answering your interviewer’s questions? Read on for some quick tips for acing engineering interviews! Interviews are an important part of student life. After finishing high school, science students have to prepare for an engineering interview in order to gain […]

Government Job Offers For Engineering Students

Government Job Offers for Engineering Students

Introduction The Government of India offers students many exciting engineering job opportunities. People generally consider Government jobs boring 9 to 5 office work, but not all professions are the same. Few professions provide employment and let individuals be a part of a position or a team that impacts the country’s growth. Imagine being a part […]

Career after Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the most sought-after disciplines of study in today’s world. It plays an important role in many industries, from automotive manufacturing to medical research. With the rise of advanced and intricate electronic devices, electrical engineers are essential to developing solutions that make our lives easier and more efficient than ever before. […]

Significant Impact of Covid -19 on Mechanical Engineering

Impact of Covid and increased use of technology  Much of the industry is focused on innovation to return to the “new normal.” The pandemic is driving the need to completely overhaul an organization’s technology systems, including hardware, software, network architecture and data management. Machinery and plant engineering were already in the process of adopting Industry […]

Why MBA is a popular choice after Engineering

Why MBA after Engineering

Introduction MBA has become a popular choice for many engineers looking to transition their careers into the corporate world. Before enrolling in an MBA, the most important thing to consider is the career aspirations and desired skillset. Engineering graduates see an MBA as a stepping stone to higher positions in their profession. According to recent […]

How Engineers Can Change The World: Famous Engineers, Skills, Innovations, And The Scope Of Engineering In India!

Skill Development At The Top Private Engineering Colleges In Bangalore

From gesture vocalizers and colour-coded thermometers to underwater vehicles, UAVs for disaster management, e-scooters, affordable Braille printers, and treadmill cycles, Indian engineers have produced some brilliant breakthroughs that have changed the world. However, engineering isn’t just about mastering science, mathematics, and technology. It’s about understanding the application of these subjects in life and extending them […]

Road Map For A Career In Information Science

Top Career Options In Information Science

Ever wondered about the people who work behind websites? Or the search engine we use? Or the news we read?   These people are called information professionals who create, organize and manage all behind the scene data to make modern life possible. A career in Information Science helps build skills and in-depth knowledge about Computer hardware […]

A Beginner’s Guide on Various Engineering Branches

Table of Contents About Engineering Programs Available in India Best Engineering Courses for the Future How to Enrol for Engineering Program Curriculum and Duration Introduction to Engineering Engineering involves the application of mathematical, technological and scientific knowledge to design, develop and maintain machines, buildings, systems and processes. It may be regarded as the driver of […]

Scope of MBA Students in the Current Market

Scope of MBA Students

Students who have just finished their bachelor’s degree in engineering or commerce or a Master’s degree in Business administration (MBA) have great career options. Nowadays, pursuing an MBA after engineering has become the new normal. It is a two-year post-graduate course with the most exemplary curriculum offered by top colleges. With the technical knowledge from […]

A complete guide to ECE

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

Standing in crossroads not knowing which engineering path to pick after your 12th or II PUC? A thorough research of all the fields is vital before you pick your branch. Let us explore the most sought-after branch of engineering – Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). Electronics and communication engineering is the study, analysis, design, testing, and development of data […]