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Dept. of EEE – Infrastructure

Department Library

The department library has a collection of books and many subscribed technical magazines. Students and the faculty make immense use of the same. Additional books and technical journals are also being added frequently.

Relay and High Voltage Testing Laboratory

This lab is mainly to verify the characteristics of different types of Relays. This lab is also meant for measuring HVAC and HVDC and to check the dielectric properties of insulating material. This lab is equipped with electromagnetic, static and microprocessor based relays and High Tension transformer and HVDC source.

Power System Simulation Lab

This lab is to learn how to simulate different kinds of disturbances in the power system using MATLAB and Mi-Power software and these results will help to analyze the power system stability.

Control Systems Laboratory

This lab is to determine time and frequency domain analysis of second order system, to learn the  effects of various controllers  and compensators and performance characteristics of servo motors and synchro transmitter-receiver by  using MATLAB and discrete components.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

This lab includes the implementation of signal processing concepts (convolution, DFT-IDFT, Sampling, Filters[FIR,IIR] etc..) using MATLAB software. This lab also includes realization of FIR-IIR filter using window functions and also sampling techniques using MATLAB.

Microcontroller Laboratory

This lab is to learn how to write assembly language program using Keil µVISION 5 for basic arithmetical and boolean logical operation, code conversions and data transfer. This lab also emphasizes to learn how to generate delay, counters, configure SFRs for for serial communication and timers. It deals with interfacing of stepper motor, DC motor and generation of waveform using DAC.

Power Electronics Laboratory

This lab is equipped with well designed power electronics equipments /devices and storage oscilloscopes. Well designed platforms are available for experimental work to learn the electrical characteristics of various power semiconductor devices and to study the performance of various converters.

OP-AMP And Linear ICS Laboratory

This lab is basically to conduct experiments using OP-AMP and linear ICs. It mainly deals with application features of LM741 and IC-555 and compares the output performance with ideal values, to plot input-output transfer characteristics and testing of OP-AMP.

Electronics Laboratory

This lab is equipped with diodes, BJT, FET, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Dual power supply and ICs. It provides a good understanding of application and performance of basic electronics devices and also to realize boolean expressions, adders, subtractors circuit using logic gates. It also provides a good knowledge on how to design and test counters and sequence generators.

Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory

This lab contains a sufficient amount of electrical equipment and measuring meters to provide a basic knowledge of common electrical components, wiring systems for the students from various streams. It gives exposure for power, power factor, impedance and earth resistance measurement and how to control a lamp from various position.