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Dept of MCA – Infrastructure

Department of MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Software Design & Testing Laboratory

The major purpose of this lab is to develop applications using core and advanced Java. Rational Software Architect (RSA) tool helps to design UML diagram and transform to JAVA application. Understand different design patterns like publisher-subscriber, polymorphism, whole part and proxy. Students are able to aanalyze and differentiate the static and dynamic behavior of the system for achieving the intended functionalities of the system. In Software testing lab, students acquire knowledge of basic principles, software testing and debugging and test cases. They are proficient to understand analyses the difference between functional testing and structural testing. In java programming language laboratory help the students to implement application in java using object oriented concepts like inheritance, polymorphism and multithreading and swing. In Advanced java programming lab helps to develop server side programs using Java Servlets, JSP, Bean and EJB programs. Students are able to connect user interface with JDBC and develop Enterprise Java Applications.

Department of MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Project Laboratory

The major objective of this lab is to develop applications using mobile SDK tools, web technologies and data base management system using ORACLE. Mini project lab is used to Illustrate effective user interfaces those maximizing evolving mobile device capabilities. SMS messaging, connecting to web services and location based services are the advanced topics which are taught along with basic concepts of Android applications. In advanced web lab students understand, analyse and apply the role of server side scripting languages. It helps to build web application using PHP, Ruby, Jquery, XML and store values in MYSQL. It also teaches how to build web applications consisting of graphs using D3.JS. Database Management Lab is used to understand, appreciate the underlying concepts of database technologies. Students are able to create database with different types of integrity constraints and use the SQL commands such as DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL to access data from database objects. They are able to design and implement a database schema and entity relationship diagram for a given problem domain.

Department of MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Web Technology Lab

The main focus of this lab is to teach Data Structures, Web technologies, object oriented Programming in C++ and Analysis and Design of Algorithms. Data structures lab helps to implement simple version of data structures, namely Linked List, Stack and Queue. It also helps students to use these data structures to implement simple algorithms The Web programming subject gives an overview of how the web works, as well as description of many of the most widely used web technologies. The challenge for the students in this course is to learn to use several different programming languages and technologies in one semester. They are learning and developing XHTML, HTML 5.0 and XML using JavaScript, JQuery and CSS. By using these concepts students are able to design and implement user interactive dynamic web based applications. Object oriented programming in C++ lab impart object oriented concepts like Function overloading, operator overloading, Encapsulations, and inheritance, message passing to solve real-world problems. It uses major C++ features such as Virtual functions, Templates for data type independent designs and File I/O to deal with large data sets. It helps motivate students to analyze, design and develop solutions to real-world problems applying OOP Concepts of C++.

Department of MCA (Master of Computer Applications)


In ADA lab students implement the concepts of time and space complexity, divide-and-conquer strategy like merge-sort, dynamic Program like knapsack, greedy and approximate algorithms. It helps describe the methodologies of how to analyze an algorithm and choose a better algorithm to solve the problems. In .net lab students are learning how to create console application, windows application and web applications. The important concepts of delegates, ADO.Net, boxing and jagged array are used to create websites and windows applications.

Department of MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Networks Laboratory

This lab is concerned with an introductory course on computer networking and python programming. It focuses on explaining how the Internet works, ranging from how bits are modulated on wires and in wireless to application-level protocols. It also explains the principles of how to design networks and network protocols. It also introduces the fundamental problems of computer networking, from sending bits over wires to running distributed applications. Topics include error detection and correction, multiple-access, bandwidth allocation, routing, internetworking, reliability, quality of service, naming, content delivery, and security.  Python lab shows how to use the free open-source Python to write basic programs and high level applications using concepts such as Class, BIF of Python, functions, variables, If Else statements, For loops, While loops, iterative and recursive programs and algorithms.  This course also teaches the program based on list, dictionary and object oriented concepts.