Popular MBA Dual Specialization Courses

Are you looking forward to pursuing an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) but can’t seem to make up your mind about the field of specialization? What if you had the option to select two subjects at the master’s level? Yes, it’s possible! Dual specialization in MBA allows students to study and specialize in two subjects or fields while enrolling in a single course. Pursuing an MBA degree in a single stream allows students to be an expert in a field, whereas getting a dual degree improves their chances of establishing a career in either of the verticals. Many of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore offer dual specialization courses that are most sought after in the industry, e.g., HR and marketing, HR and finance, finance and marketing, etc.

Popular MBA Dual Specialization Courses: What Should You Choose?

  • HR & Marketing

An MBA dual specialization in HR and marketing allows students to study human resources and marketing management. By enrolling in this course, students learn how to prepare their employees as assets to fulfill the organization’s goals (HR duties), as well as analyze the market, study their audience, and use appropriate skills to promote their brand & run a profitable business (marketing duties). The curriculum of the course is designed such that students can pursue a rewarding career in both fields.

  • HR & Finance

Students who learn HR and finance concepts can work in a variety of industries such as compliance, structured finance, equities, stock & commodities, mutual funds, assurance, insurance, investment banking, financial planning, wealth management, and consultancy. Acquiring knowledge in both fields allows professionals to balance costs and revenues and ensure better allocation of resources.

  • Finance & Marketing

Finance and marketing are two of the most preferred subjects when it comes to MBA dual specialization courses. This combination allows aspiring business professionals to generate funds for business expansion. The course curriculum is designed to help students learn about financial terms and best marketing practices. It’s a rewarding combination for budding entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Benefits Of Dual Specialization In MBA

  • Career Shifts:
    The most prominent benefit of a dual specialization degree is that you could choose the vertical that is trending in the market. When you have knowledge and skills in multiple fields, the chances of experiencing failure are less. Also, if you want to shift careers later in life, you can easily switch streams.
  • Better Growth Prospects:
    Dual degree holders are more likely to get better job opportunities in related fields (like HR and Finance) as it helps in building connections between the two disciplines. Having the knowledge and skills of two fields through a single program also increases their chances of getting promotions and appraisals, as students are well-equipped to face many challenges.
  • Diverse Job Opportunities:
    Nowadays, most organizations prefer an employee with a master’s degree, as they’re in dire need of hiring professionals who can work as strategists, decision-makers, and managers. Therefore, business students with a double major have more chances of taking on versatile roles in bigger brands as well as startups.
  • Social Networking:
    Developing a camaraderie with business students from different specializations while pursuing projects and internships with them allows you to meet different professionals and expand your business network.
  • Running Your Own Business:
    Being familiar with multiple aspects of business allows you to start your own venture, especially if your subjects are finance, marketing, sales, retail, etc. It will prepare you to face and overcome the challenges of running a business.

Looking For The Best MBA Colleges In Bangalore?

If you’re considering getting a dual specialization and are searching for the best MBA colleges in Bangalore then CMR IT, Bangalore is the place for you! Their MBA courses with dual specialization are designed on the principle of experiential learning to create opportunities for students to exercise their multi-tasking, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative skills. The university also includes a special EDC (Entrepreneurial Development Cell) and I&E (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell) to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among students. Visit our website to get more information on the MBA program and placement opportunities.

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