Have you ever wondered why some graduates step seamlessly into the corporate world while others struggle to connect the dots between theory and practice? 

Central to this change is the idea of academic-industry collaboration. 

This symbiotic collaboration is becoming the cornerstone of enhanced learning experiences at the best engineering colleges in Bangalore and beyond.

The Role of Industry-Academic Partnerships  

So, what exactly are industry partnerships in education? They’re alliances formed between educational institutions and industries to equip students with real-world skills. 

This collaboration bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application.

These partnerships can take different forms:  


InternshipsOffers students a chance to experience the corporate environment, apply theoretical knowledge, and gain real-world insights.
Research CollaborationsFacilitates advanced academic research by leveraging industry expertise, technology, and resources.
Guest LecturesIndustry experts share their knowledge, experiences, and industry trends, providing a fresh perspective.
Curriculum DesignThe industry contributes to molding the curriculum, ensuring it’s in line with current market demands.
Live ProjectsStudents undertake real-world projects from industries, offering hands-on experience and problem-solving skills.
CMRIT Industry Connect  

At CMRIT, we don’t just preach about the benefits of industry partnerships; we actively incorporate them into our learning ecosystem.

Infosys Campus Connect  

Diving into our partnership’s history, it was back in 2007 when CMR Institute of Technology envisioned a brighter, industry-connected future for its students. 

Partnering with Infosys, a global tech giant, was a strategic move. 

Benefits of Our Partnership with Infosys Campus Connect Program:

  • Through the “train the trainer” program, our faculty are equipped with a range of technical skills, from foundational basics to advanced nuances.
  • Apart from technical prowess, the training also emphasizes the importance of soft skills, ensuring our students are all-rounded candidates.

With the direct guidance from Infosys, our faculty can better tailor their teachings to ensure students are not only academically proficient but also industry-ready.

CMRIT Career & Placement  

Career aspirations are like fingerprints; no two are exactly alike. Recognizing this, our Career Guidance and Placement Bureau steps in as a compass, navigating students through the maze of opportunities. 

But let’s not just talk in metaphors. Let’s talk numbers. 

In 2022, our relentless efforts bore fruit with a staggering 709 offer letters. And while numbers are impressive, our vision goes beyond just job placements. We are in the business of molding futures. 

So when a CMRIT student walks out with a degree, they don’t just step into a job, they step into a future where they are equipped, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Institute Industry Connect Cell (IICC)  

IICC at CMRIT is more than a strategic cell; it’s our bridge between academic knowledge and industry innovation.

  • We host professionals for guest lectures, offering real-world insights.
  • Faculty and students get hands-on experience through regular industry visits.
  • Industry experts pitch in, ensuring our courses are market-relevant.
  • In-plant internships offer students a taste of real industry challenges.
  • We encourage mutual research, paving the way for collaborative growth.

With IICC, CMRIT ensures students are not just degree-ready but future-ready. 

At CMRIT, one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore, we’re not just focused on academic excellence but on holistic development, ensuring our students are industry-ready from day one. 

Ready to mix learning with real-life skills? Join us at CMR University, and let’s shape your future side by side.

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