Artificial Learning & Machine Learning

Since the beginning of Industrial Revolution 4.0, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine learning(ML) are popular buzzwords amongst professionals across the fields. A recent finding suggests that many students are enrolling for AI & ML courses in the premier institutions like IIT which has drawn a tremendous impact on the career opportunities in many industries. 

Let’s heed some facts-

  • According to Linkedin, artificial intelligence specialists took first place among the 15 fastest-growing jobs in the United States for 2020. 
  • In Indeed’s list of the best jobs in the USA in 2019, Machine learning was ranked at the top. 
  • As per Indeed, Machine learning job openings grew 344% between the year 2015 to 2018, and have an average base salary of $146,085. 

The demand for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence specialists is constantly growing as more and more companies are using them to improve their operations, services & products. But, what are AI and machine learning and how can learning both be an attractive career path? This blog covers all this. 

General Introduction of Artificial Learning & Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence is the broad area of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence. The basic idea to design ML is to create systems that can function independently and intelligently like human brains. For instance, when you are asking Alexa to browse a Netflix movie or Order food, this is all you are interacting with the AI system.

Machine Learning is where you feed data to machines & let them process it on their own without any human intervention. To understand the concept of Machine learning, let’s consider a scenario where you have enrolled on swimming classes and you don’t have any prior experience of how to swim. But obviously, you’ll not perform so well as you don’t know how to swim. However, you’ll observe other swimmers and pick the information and your performance will keep getting better. Therefore, just like humans learn from observations & experiences, machines are also capable of learning on their own when they are fed a good amount of data. This is precisely how we employ the concept of Machine Learning. 

Many companies are introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning in their domain as it is one of the fast-growing technologies. So, studying these subjects will create endless career opportunities in diverse sectors such as image recognition, computer protection, pharmacy and face recognition. Additionally, in terms of annual wage, the basic level of an AI machine learning engineer is 8 lakhs/annum, which is considerably greater than the average annual salary for any other engineering graduate. 

Eligibility Criterion & General Syllabus Covered in AI & ML 
  • Eligibility Criterion-

For the B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the candidate should have passed the 12th or equivalent Exam with English as one of the languages and a minimum of 45% of marks in aggregate in Physics & Mathematics, along with Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology/Computers/Electronics. Along with this, students must also qualify for the National JEE entrance test or other tests such as CET & COMED-K

  • Course Structure-

The course duration of B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is of 4 years with overall 8 semesters. The vast machine learning course curriculum includes Computers System Architecture, Web Technologies, Data Communication & Computer Network Labs, Introduction to Java and OOPS, Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Database Management Systems, deep learning in AI, Introduction to Data Science and Big Data and Internet of Things. Along with this, summer internships & courses are based on the utilization of AI & feature engineering Machine learning concepts in specific industries to help the students to gain proficiency and practical exposure to the subject. 

Pursue B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from CMR Institute of Technology

CMRIT offers an integrated B.Tech in AI & ML Engineering program with a duration of 4 years with eight consecutive semesters. They are designed to address the needs of the contemporary growing industry and with a blended approach to academic studies and practical ML application. Our finest machine learning engineering curriculum not only includes academic courses but also incorporates internships, enhancement courses, assignments, and more elective subject options allowing the students to gain real-world exposure. To learn more about the course curriculum and syllabus, do check out our website.

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