The Highest Paying IT Jobs in India

General Outlook on IT Ecosystem

Information technology has changed our lives in such unforeseen ways and has become an inseparable part of our lives touching almost every aspect you can think of. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things have opened up avenues for innumerable applications in our daily lives. IT encompasses almost every business sector you can imagine. Hospitals, schools, banks, airports, railway stations, you name it and IT has made inroads there. With its huge spread, the IT sector offers a host of job and career opportunities. Let us look at some of the best paying IT jobs in which you can make a career for yourself.  

The Highest Paying IT Jobs in India

  • Software Architect: Their job is to streamline the software development process that is in line with customer requirements apart from being efficient and optimised. Choosing the design, dictating the standard for coding and technical platforms are part of their roles. Programming skills, analytical ability and data modelling are some of the skills that help them perform better at their job.
  • Data Scientist: Their ability to analyse and interpret complex information facilitates better and timely business decisions which gives businesses a competitive edge. Data modelling, machine learning algorithms, coding and other analytical skills are a part of the repertoire of any data scientist that gets the desired results.  
  • Big Data Engineer: Their work involves big data applications and the management of the entire life cycle of large-scale deployments. Their technical expertise in software utilities such as Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL, data warehousing technologies, data visualisation and programming and communication skills help them land successful jobs in one of the highest paying IT companies in India.
  • Blockchain Engineer: Blockchain technology plays an important role in the financial technology sector and has gained quite a lot of prominence with the growing digital payments in India. An emerging technology, it is finding application in newer avenues such as smart contracts. Programming proficiency, thorough understanding of Etherium, Ripple, R3 and bitcoin technologies, consensus methodologies and security protocol stacks and crypto libraries are some of the skills that the role demands.
  • SAP (Systems Application and Products in Data Processing): Integration and dependence on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software in almost every business has created a greater demand of SAP professionals. Financial accounting and controlling (FICO), material management (MM) and production planning (PP) are some of the business platforms available for SAP professionals to work.   

Cloud architect, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions architect, full stack developer, artificial intelligence (AI) engineer, product manager, cybersecurity specialist and site reliability engineer are some of the other in-demand roles that top paying IT companies in India look for.

Future Depends on Technology Jobs

The scope of technology has expanded from IT and ITes (IT enabled services) to include manufacturing and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) and many other sectors. Some of the highest paying IT jobs relate to AI, blockchain, robotics automation and JavaScript development to name a few. Acquiring these skills will help IT professionals land lucrative careers in the field. There are numerous private engineering colleges in Bangalore where you can opt for relevant courses and power ahead. Stay with us to zero in on the best one.

On-demand technological skills to focus on

The following list collates the skills to acquire so as to stay on top and land the best paying IT jobs:

  •       JavaScript development
  •       MySQL, HTML
  •       CSS and Bootstrap
  •       Machine learning 
  •       Natural language processing
  •       Business development
  •       Team management
  •       Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  •       Digital Marketing
  •       Vulnerability assessment, SIEM, and network security
  •       Process automation, SQL, UiPath, etc.



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