How to crack your CET or COMED-K Exams

COMEDK UGET is a common entrance test to seek admission in engineering colleges of repute. It is taken by students who have appeared for class 12th national or state board exams in India. To obtain a good score in this entrance exam and to understand how to approach it for successful outcomes, students must keep a few points in mind. These include: 

  • Understand the weightage 

The exam for engineering courses is divided into three sections of 60 marks each for Physics, Chemistry and mathematics. The time duration is 180 minutes for a total of 180 questions, and each question is of one mark. There are few English multiple choice questions too.  

  • Prepare study plan 

The students must prepare a study plan in advance to devote adequate time to each section and to keep aside provision for studying more in areas that they feel need more attention. They must have a designated study time slot followed by short intervals of relaxing to rejuvenate the mind and start studying afresh. This will help them in preparing for the comed k exams in an unhurried and focussed manner.

  • Regular Revision 

It is not possible to have thorough preparation with an inconsistent study schedule. Regular revision and practice is mandatory to crack the CET exams. The student must look at the previous years’ question papers and prepare his revisions accordingly. Sticking to the syllabus from the 12th class curriculum is advised. 

  • Undertake Mock Tests 

Taking mock tests is an effective strategy for successfully scoring high in the actual comed k exams. Mock tests help the student to grasp what the exam pattern is like, and how the questions are arranged and framed. Mock tests greatly help in boosting the students’ confidence.

  • Time Management 

The students are expected to attempt one question per minute and that means that time management while sitting for the CET exams is the most important factor for being successful. Good time management includes both speed and accuracy, as well as making decisions on which questions to tackle first and which ones to do at the end. 

CMRIT being a prestigious engineering institution, it looks for bright and talented students to form its yearly cohorts and offers admissions to students who score well in the COMED K exam. We encourage students to start their entrance exam preparation with good time at hand, do well and bring their unique engineering and scientific strengths to our campus. We will refine these and elevate them to international standards with our teaching proficiency and research excellence study environment, and enable you to pass out with enviable skills. 

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