Does education solely exist within the confines of a classroom, or does it transcend into real-world encounters? At CMRIT, we firmly adhere to the latter belief. Experiential learning is not merely a theoretical concept to us; it serves as our guiding principle, enriching every teaching moment with practical experiences.  

At CMRIT, our mantra is ‘learn by doing.’ We’re champions of experiential learning, where students evolve through tangible experiences.

Innovative Pedagogies and Experiential Learning  

Changing times demand changing approaches. While traditional learning methods have their value, our dynamic world requires a blend. 

Experiential education takes center stage at CMRIT, ensuring that students don’t merely grasp theories but actively engage with them. 

It’s about making learning an experience, ensuring students internalize knowledge by living it.

Industry Connect  

The academic world and the industry were once two separate entities, but no more. We understand the importance of connecting classroom teaching with industry demands. 

Our associations, like Infosys Campus Connect, CMRIT Career & Placement, and the Institute Industry Connect Cell (IICC), provide our students with unparalleled opportunities. 

Through these partnerships with industry titans, students witness their classroom lessons come to life, gaining a firsthand understanding of how academic theories translate into real-world applications. 

Practical Experience and Internships  

According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 60% of individuals who undertook internships were presented with at least one job opportunity. This data highlights the important role of internships in bridging the gap between academia and the professional realm. 

Gaining professional experience and insights through internships is paramount for students to stand out in the job market. Beyond just theory, practical application is indispensable. Through internships, students not only hone vital skills but also enhance their marketability in the job arena.     

Transformative Learning  

The journey at CMRIT isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about transformation. We inspire our students to think differently, to challenge the status quo, and to believe in the power of innovation. 

Our focus is not just on what students learn but also on how they evolve during their time with us.


The world is at our fingertips thanks to the digital revolution. We’ve embraced e-learning, allowing students to learn at their pace, anytime, anywhere. 

This approach ensures that learning is not confined to a classroom but can be accessed whenever inspiration strikes.

Blended Learning  

Our teaching philosophy is all about balance. Blended learning at CMRIT combines the personal touch of traditional classroom instruction with the reach and flexibility of online learning. 

This fusion ensures a holistic learning experience for our students, catering to different learning styles.

Our commitment to holistic education reflects not only in our pedagogy but also in the outcomes. The stellar placement stats stand testimony to this. 

With the highest salary package touching a remarkable 26.5 LPA and an average salary of 6.35 LPA in 2021–22, our students are making their mark in the professional world.  

Situated in the heart of the tech capital, CMRIT proudly stands among the best engineering colleges in Bangalore. With a legacy of blending traditional teachings with modern methodologies, we’re redefining what true education means. 

So, if you’re passionate about learning that goes beyond the books, CMR University is where your search ends. Join us, and together, let’s craft a journey that’s not just about degrees but real-world impact.

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