Top Career Options In Information Science

Ever wondered about the people who work behind websites? Or the search engine we use? Or the news we read?  

These people are called information professionals who create, organize and manage all behind the scene data to make modern life possible. A career in Information Science helps build skills and in-depth knowledge about Computer hardware and software, which go above and beyond to create a bright future for you.    

As per a survey across India, 936 thousand students were enrolled in Information Science in 2020. A popular course among students who are inspired to create a path of technology and strategic organization and be industry ready.

Why Is Information Science Important?  

Information technology and data have driven society into a fast-moving and complex information age, from cell phones to web portals. Therefore, it becomes essential for organizations to manage, analyze and store their sizable in-house information systematically for daily operations.

This is where information science plays a vital role. It helps provide an understanding and tools for organizing, accessing, and processing information. In addition, information science graduates are equipped with technical and research skills such as networking, programming, database management, software, etc.

Information science has become a well-liked career option and has a 61% employment rate. If you are an enthusiast of technology and creation, then information science is the right choice. 

Top Career Options In Information Science

Career options are countless, including jobs in firms, governments, universities etc. A career in Information Science and engineering is well sought after, as they provide stability and growth in the industry. Here are a few top career options in Information science for you.  

Network Administration

Network administrators manage, maintain, and operate organizations’ networks in real time. If you have a knack for technology, this job can be you. However, it requires a high level of technological and system software knowledge. 

System Analyst

As the name suggests, system analysts analyze and design techniques to solve enterprises’ problems using information science. They implement, maintain and support IT systems to meet the needs of businesses and their growth. A popular job among information science graduates produces growth of 9% in jobs every year.

Big Data Analyst

Big Data Analyst is the word that describes how organizations are functioning in today’s technological era, with industries focusing on using big data for businesses. There is a hike from 11% to 39% of students seeking information science to become Big Data analysts—the job best suits people with a love for technology and excellent analyzing skills.  

Data Science Engineers

The possibility of making a great career in information science is endless. One such career is Data Science Engineer. A high-in-demand job where professionals build systems to collect, manage and convert raw data into usable information for data analysts or business analysts to read and interpret. 

Fact: India ranks second among other IT giants in data science, with 11.9% of data science engineers. 

Quality Analysts

A quality analyst is a professional who examines a company’s product, systems and software, identifies problems and seeks resolutions by supporting, planning and executing the project. It is undoubtedly a job in rising demand in India, with an increment of 7.8% in job opportunities in 2020. 

Software Testers

A software tester examines software for bugs, errors, defects, etc. It has a promising career with increased computer usage in the country. As a result, there is a growth of information science graduates having a career in software testing.  

Why Is CMRIT The Best Career Choice For Information Science Engineering?

Information science is emerging as a desirable career among youth due to the growing career opportunities. Indian companies and other sectors are investing mainly in bringing development in this field and looking for graduates with efficient analytical, organizational and research skills.   

This is where CMRIT comes into the picture with a vision to create high-quality engineers for the betterment of society. The college prepares students for a global career with an enriching curriculum. It comprises theoretical and practical knowledge and intensive industry-oriented programs, which build relevant technical, analytical and communication skills. 

From an academic standpoint, the program offers in-depth knowledge about core computer aspects with the best professors, hands-on learning experience, modern tools, etc. 

Furthermore, the extra-curricular activities and excellent placement opportunities will help students land in top-tier companies, making a successful career. 

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