Scope of MBA Students

Students who have just finished their bachelor’s degree in engineering or commerce or a Master’s degree in Business administration (MBA) have great career options. Nowadays, pursuing an MBA after engineering has become the new normal. It is a two-year post-graduate course with the most exemplary curriculum offered by top colleges. With the technical knowledge from an engineering degree, students can focus on streams like Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Marketing. At the same time, a career after MBA is tremendous; these graduates can get profitable jobs with profiles like Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Human Resource Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager and more. Here are a few trending and dual specialisation courses that can be selected as major subjects to help land these jobs. 

MBA Courses and Popular Dual Specialisation 

MBA has become an emerging specialisation that opens doors to explore the domain and progress to a higher rank in the career. The syllabus consists of various disciplines that can be explored.

The major topics included are:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Human Resource Management 
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Hotel Management
  5. Fashion Designing

A few colleges offer MBA Dual Specialization, which helps students apply and learn two different management streams. They can either concentrate on subjects with similar domains to gain more knowledge or opt for entirely distinct functions to widen their job spectrum. Some top dual specialisations proposed are Marketing and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management, Analytics and Finance, and more.

Scope of MBA Students

As of 2021, the employability rate has increased from 47 to 55 percent for MBA graduates. By choosing the trending MBA courses, aspirants can learn concepts that will help them avail positions at a higher level. With the guidance of the experienced faculty, they can work on real-time projects and internships that help them understand the current market scope and gain knowledge. Many options exist with profiles such as Business Operations and Management consultant at the peak. 

It is very crucial to select the specialisation that has maximum scope soon. Research the market and decide based on the current trends. It guarantees that you can secure a job with many opportunities to explore the domain. Here are a few factors that show why an MBA is in demand. 

  • Knowledge and skills

The advantage of following an MBA is that you can build the professional and practical knowledge required. Communication, strategic and analytical thinking, and problem-solving are a few of the strengths that help you be industry-ready.

  • Best lucrative income

Students with a completed MBA degree course are placed in top positions in a company. Companies pay an excessive amount for job profiles like marketing manager and business consultant. The more you are aware of the field, the more they pay.

  • Boost in Entrepreneurship Skills

Many pursue an MBA to be an entrepreneur. The leadership, network building, communication, managerial, and analytical skills obtained by the end of the course help nurture human beings to understand their strengths and weaknesses, an essential skill required before starting a business. 

  • The benefit of the emerging economy

MBA students have a lot of job opportunities in emerging economies. Companies in different sectors are looking for professional graduates to help them develop and succeed in the growing market. 

Trending Jobs after MBA

MBA covers a wide range of areas in the market, from Finance, Marketing, Fashion, Hotel, Operations, and more. With so many domains in place, here are a few trending jobs suitable for every zone. 

  • Product Manager

A product manager’s role is to understand a customer’s needs and develop a product that satisfies all the requirements. This profile is always in demand, as new requirements always arrive.

  • Brand Manager

The position of a brand manager has seen a boom in the current competition. They play a crucial role in understanding the company’s brand and ensuring they make business decisions to generate maximum profits.

  • Financial manager

A financial manager is responsible for creating and organising financial reports, profit planning, and developing long-term goals for the organisation. Companies in every domain require a finance expert, so the choices are better.

  • Business operations manager

The position of a business operations manager includes overseeing the overall functioning of an organisation and ensuring the operations run smoothly. Be engaged with the staff and bring a positive work environment. 

  • Management consultant

Many organisations highly look at the presence of a management consultant. The central role of a management consultant is to maximise the company’s efficiency. Conduct data analysis, carry out research, prepare business proposals and more. The decisions taken by a management consultant play a significant role; hence, once they succeed, the revenue they earn is also more.  

If you are considering a career in MBA and want to land one of these lucrative jobs. In that case, you need to follow training programs, quality education curricula, and industry insights to understand the stream effectively. Among the top MBA colleges in Bangalore, I would suggest that CMRIT provides all these resources with high standards. It offers dual specialisation courses. The department is accredited by NBA, affiliated with VTU, and approved by AICTE. The college has MoU with Stockbyte and TrakInvest for students to explore and learn about the latest trends and technologies in the domain. With so many facilities furnished, I would suggest CMRIT as the right choice to join for an MBA.

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