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Steering Committee

Sl. No Name of Steering Committee Members Internal / External Expert Organization Key Role Institute NISP
1 Dr. Sanjay Jain Principal CMRIT, Bangalore Chairman
2 Dr Meenakshi R Patil Professor CMRIT, Bangalore NISP Coordinator
3 Dr. Shivanna D M Assoc. Professor CMRIT, Bangalore Head IP Cell, Incubation,
4 Dr. Elumalai R Prof. & Head (ECE) CMRIT, Bangalore Start-up Activity Coordinator
5 Dr. Agalya Assoc. Professor, EEE CMRIT, Bangalore President CMRIT-IIC
6 Prof. Mahesh Kumar Jha Professor & Head TCE, CMRIT, Bangalore CMRIT-IIC Convenor
7 Avinash Reddy T Organization: Bleaves private limited Role: Start up/ Alumni Entrepreneur External Member
8 Balathandapani Ramasamy Organization: Aatrral Academy Role: Members Member: Expert from nearby Industry/Industry association/ Ecosystem Enablers External Member
9 Mr. Vivek Anand Sagar B Organization: Karnataka State Council of Science and Technology,Patent Information Center Role: IP Consultant External Member
10 Prof. Manoj Challa Assoc. Professor CMRIT, Bangalore Website & Social Media Coordinator
11 Dr. Asha M Nair Prof. & Head (Civil) CMRIT, Bangalore Member
12 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Reddy Prof. & Head (Mech) CMRIT, Bangalore Member
13 Dr. Chitra K Prof. & Head (EEE) CMRIT, Bangalore Member
14 Dr.Shreekanth Moore Prabhu Prof. & Head (CSE) CMRIT, Bangalore Member
15 Prof. Gomathi T Prof. & Head (MCA) CMRIT, Bangalore Member
16 Prof. Sandeep Prof. & Head (MBA) CMRIT, Bangalore Member